Things to Consider Before Going Ahead with Breast Enlargement

It’s definitely worth considering a few point.


If you’re here reading this, it’s likely that you’ve either a) decided to undergo a breast enlargement or b) are weighing up the possibility of obtaining one – which is great news (providing it’s what you want and for the right reasons, obviously)!

Before you decide to book your breast augmentation and commit to the procedure, though, it’s definitely worth considering a few points, such as the procedure itself, the different options available to you, the after effects, and what the future will look like after augmentation. The main thing to consider, however, is why you have come to this decision, and it is this that will determine whether you will be granted the procedure or not.

Who Are You Doing It for and Why?

When considering undergoing a breast enlargement, the first thing to consider is why you are doing and who is it for. Enhance Medical Group are a renowned group of experts who offer free consultations (yay!) where you can discuss your reasons for wanting breast enlargement surgery freely and confidentially, and also discuss different financing options to identify the best route for you. They will assess your reasoning and whether there are any underlying issues or concerns that need dealing with before undergoing surgery.

Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to go ahead with the procedure if this decision has been forced upon you or you feel pressured into it by someone else – a partner, for example – or if you have been experiencing major changes in your life, such as a career or house move. In these sorts of cases, it’s unlikely that a surgeon would be willing to proceed due to concerns over whether you actually want this and if you’re in the right mental state to undergo such a procedure.

If, however, you are low in confidence and want to feel more comfortable in your body, then start doing some research to clarify a few different aspects of the procedure and the options available to you…

What Are the Different Options Available to You?

There are a couple of different types of procedure that you should look into before fully deciding on the operation. First of all, you need to decide whether you want an enlargement, an uplift, or both – in some cases, it may be necessary to have an uplift prior to the actual enlargement.

In the case of an enlargement, it would be wise to consult an expert to gain their perspective on the type of enlargement you desire – do you want silicone implants or a fat graft? Both have a limited shelf life, so to speak, and have different pros and cons that you need to ruminate on before deciding on the matter.

Research, Research, Research

As with any major life decision, the key to making sure you are fully in the know and clued up is to conduct some thorough research – the benefits of doing this cannot be underestimated!

It’s wise to look into a variety of surgeons and choose them carefully. Looking into the reviews and social media comments/recommendations of different surgeons is one great way to do this, as is speaking to women who have already undergone breast augmentation.

Then, as previously mentioned, you need to think carefully about the type of implant you want. For example, fat grafting – although more natural to the touch – can be unpredictable and won’t maintain the same size and standard over time. Being aware of the size of implant you want (if going for silicone or saline implants) is also essential. These days, more natural-looking breasts are popular. However, if you were wanting to drastically increase the size of your breasts, it’s worth noting that this cannot be completed in one operation usually, and may require more surgery than you were initially thinking.

Incision location and the placement of your implant are also aspects you should consider, and ones that can be best dissected with a surgeon. This may require you to book consultations with different surgeons, to assess their methods and how suitable they are for you personally.

Additionally, there are the costs to consider. They tend to vary, generally costing between £3,500-£8,000, not including consultations and aftercare. You will need to decide if this is something you can actually afford to proceed with.

How Long Will It Take to Recover?

Due to the standard of pain medication these days, the time it takes to recover isn’t as long as you may believe. In general, if you don’t have a job involving manual labor, you can expect to need 5-7 days off work. Following the procedure, you will be unable to drive, lift your arms above your head, or carry heavy objects, so it’s important that you realize you will need someone to support you 24/7 for the first week after the procedure – particularly in respect to helping you with your dressings.

In relation to this, exercise should be limited so as not to strain your stitches and cause issues, and you may also notice that the extra weight on your chest takes a while for you to get used to.

Looking to the Future

Before you decide to definitely go ahead with the procedure, the following things are vital considerations for you to think about:

  • Your overall health – including whether you smoke or not – can impact your recovery
  • It will take a while for implants to settle and feel more natural
  • You may not be happy with the result straight away, due to swelling and scarring – this can change over time
  • You may experience a change in nipple sensation
  • Having implants can affect your milk ducts and nerves with regards to breastfeeding, so speak to a surgeon if you are hoping to get pregnant in the future
  • Breast augmentation – whether implants or fat grafting – doesn’t last forever and will need redoing in 10 years or so – are you prepared for further surgery and related costs?

No matter where you are in this journey, it’s important to make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons – it’s your body, so it should be your choice. Also, make sure that you conduct thorough research before making a firm decision. Good luck!

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