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These Pikachu Themed Engagement Rings Are Sending Us

These Pikachu Themed Engagement Rings Are Sending Us

*Bride walks down the aisle to Pokémon theme tune*


First of all, let’s get one thing straight. We love Pokémon. But to incorporate it into your life events? Weird flex but okay. 

The Pokémon Company, in partnership with GINZA TANAKA, has created three styles of 18k gold and diamond engagement rings for those who hold the iconic furry friend close to their hearts. Maybe too close. The first design sees a single solitaire (0.3ct) stone decorated with Pikachu’s ears in gold, with the second displaying another round-shaped stone held between Pikachu’s two tails, and finally, a much more simple design for the last, as the stone rests on an outline of Pikachu’s head on a plain band.

The rings take approximately 8 weeks to make, with prices ranging from ¥346,500 to ¥115,500 JPY (approximately $3,216 – $1,072 USD). And it gets better; the rings come packaged in a Pokémon ring box. Someone somewhere (not us) is going to be very happy. Head over to the official store to shop the range. 


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