Female Immigrant Hero Scales Statue Of Liberty To Protest ICE

Free the Children! F*** YOU TRUMP!


Therese "Patricia" Okoumou is a hero! She scaled the Statue of Liberty, a fellow female, to say F*** THIS SHIT to Trump's ICE policy of separating families.

And she did it on Independence Day! The 44- year old Congolese Immigrant decided to not celebrate by getting shit faced listening/screaming to Bruce Springsteen while wearing cut off shorts and the stars and stripes draped over your upper body. 

No, this immigrant that the Trump government and all right wingers view as 'not-American' did the most American thing on Independence Day. She protested! Patricia waved a t-shirt illuminated with "RISE AND RESIST" and "TRUMPCARE MAKES US SICK". And what did the government do? Tell tourists that the island had to be evacuated? What?! She ain't no threat! She a threat to the dumbed down right wingers who think Trump could make America great again, or those low lives sitting at home having a BBQ with their kids supporting the separation of families. 

A female hero sticking her finger up to the sad excuse of a man sitting in the white house made on the backs of slaves. This hero refused to come down from the Our Lady Liberty until they release the children! If you want a protest done right, call a female. A woman who understands what it is like to carry a child only to have them torn away from you because you want to give them a safe place to grow up. Is America not the land of the Free and yet we have the government locking CHILDREN IN CAGES!  Where the hell is HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH? Or do we only turn our heads to countries not from The G8 countries or are we doing an Australia and claiming refugees are 'throwing their children overboard'. Why do we paint immigrants and refugees, people who are just trying to stay safe in such a light and use that to take their children away?

This unsung hero lasted 3 hours with Lady Liberty before being taken into custody and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and interfering with government functions.But trespassing on what? Is it not in the constitution to practice freedom of speech? Is the Statue of Liberty not for all? Lady Liberty was gifted to America by France as to honor the freedom of America. A sign of hope. 

Patricia was not the only one protesting Trump's Family Separation policy on the South-West Border. The Rise and Resist protests were happening and several of those heroic activists have been charged with unlawful protest.  Patricia is a woman, a woman of color and an immigrant. She will not have the privilege of a fair trial, especially when the governing body is a whole bunch of old white men who 100% backed Trump.  

America is turning into a Police State run by an incompetent sad orange boy whose policies are border line Neo-Nazi. The people are not sitting still and saying "yeah let this happen". No the people have spoken! 


Humble readers, if you have a spare cent in your wallets, or if you are about to get that second or third coffee for the day; take a minute to help the Children and families affected by the separation policy and donate. The funds go to helping children as young as 6 with their legal representation. These children are 6 years old and younger having to sit through court systems that even adults don't understand. Donate here!

If you can not donate Contact the Department of Homeland Security, Call Your Legislators, Join Protests and Sign Petitions! Your voice is important!

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