The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Resigns From TV

The secret’s out.


The angels have fallen from grace as the lingerie company is no longer set to televise their famous runway show. This decision follows the controversy sparked by Edward Razek, the Chief Marketing Officer, who expressed the company’s refusal to hire plus-size or transgender models.

Last year’s runway show received its lowest ever ratings and with sales falling, could time be up for the once dominating lingerie brand? After all, as a customer, who are you more likely to purchase from: a diverse lingerie brand that caters to all sizes, such as Savage x Fenty, or from a brand that discourages plus-sized models? 

In order to thrive again, Victoria’s Secret needs to be more in-tune with their customer’s needs.  Building a brand image around ultra-slim models and unrealistic fantasies are having an adverse effect on Victoria’s Secret customers. People no longer want to associate their lingerie purchases with a brand that is failing to empower women.

Has it come to the point for Victoria’s Secret where their once “legendary” show is no longer appreciated?


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