The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Good Tinder Profile

Get your swipe on like The God of Tinder.


Everyone has that one friend who has it all figured out when it comes to Tinder. They are the ones with the most matches, the most dates, and are constantly being told how they have “the best stories” by their single pals.

What do they know that you don’t? We pull back the curtain on what makes a good tinder profile so that you can get your swipe on like The God of Tinder.

First things first, the big question….

What Is A Functional Profile vs. A Creative One?

Functional refers to creating a profile that clearly lets people know who you are and what you’re looking for in order to find the best person for you.

A Creative Profile refers to having fun with selfies, witty one-liners, or alternative ways of showcasing who you are in an engaging way so that people interested in getting to know you better will take notice. As opposed to just swiping right when they see your average everyday selfie.

But we suggest that you try to strike a balance with both. Keep in mind that how you present yourself is also important, so there are certain things about your profile that will work better when they’re functional and creative. For example, it makes more sense for you to show where you live on the map if your goal is to go out with someone who lives near you. But you can make up any questions or prompts in your bio for fun.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

1) Know what you want in terms of relationship type and timeline

Before you even start your profile, take a moment to sit down and think about what you are looking for or are open-minded to when it comes to relationships. Knowing this will help guide the types of photos that you choose, answer any questions that you might have for others, and whether or not there are certain deal breakers that could potentially steer someone away from swiping right on your account. No pressure though…if it takes a while to find the right person who meets all your needs may be worth it!

2) Think about where people are most likely to go on Tinder

We know this sounds obvious, but think about where you're most likely to swipe through profiles. If your tinder is mostly made up of millennials who are active during the day, then maybe that bar at night isn't worth it.

3) Lay down some personality clues

People like to know what makes others tick. So instead of listing all your favorite things (with no explanation), try giving one-line explanations for each thing so people can get a better idea of what you're like. For example, "Will watching Netflix count as exercise?" Not only will it tell people about yourself, but also give them something they can comment on later.

4) Don’t post selfies with other girls

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You must not include pictures with other girls. The whole point of a selfie is that it's just you. If there are other people in the picture, then what's the point?

5) Keep your images open-ended but still genuine

Don't post any images that give too much away, like images with writing on them or an image containing text. When choosing a photo to include in your profile make sure it feels genuine and relatable.

6) Use an eye-catching main photo

This is where most people mess up, but there are actually certain rules to take into consideration when choosing your main profile pic. i.e.

Smile through your pictures

A smile is the quickest way to enhance your features. Even without saying a word, simply smiling can have a positive effect on how people perceive your attractiveness.

Opt for pictures with good lighting

If you are looking for love through online dating or apps it's important to showcase yourself in the best light possible so use selfies with nice lighting and smiles instead of pouting duck faces. Tinder is all about making quick decisions, so if your profile doesn’t show someone who looks happy then it may lead others to believe you are not worth getting to know better! Click here to learn more about how you can click the best pictures for Tinder.

Ditch display pictures in a group

Do not use pictures where your friends and family members are featured in the picture because it’s hard to judge how attractive you truly are. It can also be confusing for others on Tinder because they may get caught up trying to guess which one is actually you!

Choose a clear display picture of yourself

Make sure your profile pic makes it obvious that it's really, really you. If potential matches don't know it's you then what would be the point? Make sure that there isn't anything covering your face or eyes in the image and avoid selfies in sunglasses or with hats on the inside, as these make it harder for other users to find out whether you're a good match.

Choose high-quality images with fewer filters

Never ever use a filter on your pictures. This makes you appear as if you are trying to hide behind the filters and it's all about being honest with potential matches from the get-go.

Use photos that have been taken recently

It can be hard to find a photo where you're wearing the same outfit as in the previous picture, but this is how it should be done. You want people to see what you look like now or at least not too long ago so that they know what they could expect when actually meeting up for drinks!

Gym Selfies are a No-No!

You should not have any gym selfies on your tinder profile. This will just show that you are conscious about the way you look and more importantly it shows that you have nothing better to do than spend time at the gym!

They might be taken at a flattering angle, but they make it clear to others on Tinder that you're more concerned with your looks than anything else. Keep these pictures off of your profile if possible.

7) If tattoos are part of who you are, show them off

If you have tattoos or piercings, make sure your pictures highlight this. It shows other users that if they like what they see when their eyes wander over your pictures, there is a strong chance there'll be little to no 'hidden' surprises later on in person.

8) Use well-composed shots

When choosing a picture to upload to your Tinder profile it's best to use a shot that has been taken from an unflattering angle well above the head and straight down. This will ensure that potential matches get a good idea of how you look without having any distractions from background items or people who may not approve of your online dating!

9) Your Bio

The bio is the place where you get to tell your potential matches a bit about yourself through hashtags. It's also an opportunity to explain what makes you tick in 140 characters or less, so make it count! Here are some criteria for writing a great bio:

Use words that show enthusiasm or personality

This is your chance to show people how interesting you are. Use this space wisely by using words that express when you feel most alive, when you have the best ideas, and when you love life the most. This will help others on Tinder understand more about who they are potentially matching with!

10) Let your profile have a set of cute quiz questions

This can be a great way of showing that you are a fun person. You could also come up with quirky or funny questions to ask on your profile, but be careful not to make them too personal as they may backfire and result in fewer matches!

11) Be honest about your intentions

Tinder is known for casual hookups, but that doesn't mean you have to be explicit about it. You want to portray yourself as an open-minded individual, but avoid coming on too strong. It's best to wait until the conversation moves off of Tinder before getting into personal talk!

12) Make use of GIFS!

When in doubt, GIFS is the way to go. These are great for summarizing your thoughts or showing how you feel about specific things that come up in conversation. They can also be used as conversation starters!

This is not a place to sell yourself, but rather a chance for others to get to know who you really are outside of Tinder. When it comes to writing your bio there isn't one single piece of advice that will work for everyone because Tinder users all have different reasons for using this app. You just need to keep these tips at hand and trust your instincts!

13) Don't take yourself too seriously

Everyone loves a good sense of humor, so if you can find a way to incorporate some comedy - do it! It doesn’t have to be corny or tacky either. You can be funny without looking like you're trying too hard.

14) Have fun with it

Seriously, if you're not having fun then what's the point? This is meant to be a little diversion from your everyday life, so have fun with it! Just keep in mind to remain cool and confident at all times because people can sense if someone seems uncomfortable.

15) What not to do on your Tinder Profile

Do not ever include swear words, sexual suggestions, or references. It's great for people to know what turns you on but you can say it in person.

Tinder is not for sexting so if you want to talk about sex do this over texts or better yet in person!

Do not post selfies taken with tigers, elephants, etc. They may be cute but they're also likely to get your account flagged for spam and reported by others who find the pictures off-putting.

Do not upload photos that show you doing illegal activities or that are sexually explicit in nature. These will most likely get removed from Tinder quickly and lead to your account getting banned.

And there you have it! Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon find yourself slaying Tinder left right and center.

Go on now, give us a high five! Good luck and happy swiping :)