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The State Of Alabama Outlaws Abortion

In favor of the “pro-life” campaign.


when you think we are moving with the times; the state of Alabama outlaws abortion.

On Tuesday evening, all cases of abortion were banned in Alabama. The decision was made by a Republican group of male lawmakers. The ban offers no sympathy towards victims of rape or incest, who will now be forced to endure nine months of pregnancy and then labor. Abortion in Alabama will now only be considered if the mother’s life is under threat. This change in law comes as support of the “pro-life” campaign.

The severity of this legislation is frightening. Doctors who are found to carry out an abortion could face 99 years in prison. This is potentially a longer sentence than one an individual found guilty of rape will receive.

What is often a traumatic and emotional decision is one now considered a crime. Unwanted pregnancy is a circumstance that men will never have to encounter so, we must ask: why were women absent from the panel that dictated this law? A law that will only have an effect on the female body?

Abortion has been considered illegal in the US before hand-guns. The freedom of women has once again been limited – marginalized – by men.


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