The #PayUp Challenge Is Exposing Your Favourite Brands For Exploiting Bangladeshi Garment Workers

Let’s talk about the true cost of fashion.


If like us, your world revolves around fashion, you most definitely own garments produced by Bangladeshi workers. Which means you own garments produced by underpaid, unprotected, and disrespected workers who are already struggling. 


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Bangladeshi garment workers manufacture many of our most treasured pieces from our ultimate fave brands, all on the monthly legal minimum wage of $96 USD. Imagine trying to survive on that, let alone support a family. Working between 10-12 hours a day, only 14.8% of these workers received full payment in April (yes, you read that right) and 63% are on the brink of homelessness. Aljazeera reported that many workers have not been paid for two months for garments that have already been manufactured and shipped, leaving them at risk of starvation. Many of our most loved brands are withholding $3 billion USD (again, you read that right), from factories in Bangladesh, meaning many workers are being forced into poverty. How could we let this happen? These workers have a right to be paid appropriately and on time for their labor, and if the brands won’t do anything, then as consumers, it’s up to us. 


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It’s time to get #PayUp trending. The challenge involves uploading a photo of yourself in your fave fit holding a sign saying #PayUp, and tagging the brands. Use the hashtags #PayUp and #WhoMadeMyClothes, and nominate 3 other friends to do the same thing. Brands who have already paid up include Nike, Adidas, ASOS, Zara, Target, Lulu Lemon, M&S, Uniqlo, and UnderArmour. Brands who are yet to pay up include: Fashion nova, Primark, Forever 21, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, and Sears. So to all of you, we’re comin’ for ya. 

In our current climate, if you’re not an activist, then what are you doing? We must be the people for the people because the top 1% would never and could never careless. The power is in our hands. Capitalism has fucked with the last generation. 

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