Revolutionize Your Period: We Tested The OrganiCup!

Is it a blood bath? Yes. But is it satisfying? Also yes.


If I had a dollar for every time I hated menstruation I would at least have enough to buy a fair few pairs of sneaks by now. First of all, here’s a couple of things that menstruating people can relate to:

  • Pads, tampons and etc. are monthly expenses that can be compared to insurance, electricity and phone bills. 
  • Tampons and pads make your crotch stink and you can’t man spread unless you’re alone. 
  • The blood stains you get from huge night pads on your arse: It seriously looks like your bum is a beach and there was a high tide of blood over night. 
  • That feeling when you piss on the tampon string. Need I say more? 
  • That feeling when you shower and forget your tampon and still feel dirty even after you get out.
  • Someone once had their leg amputated because they forgot their tampon and left it in for too long. Because, like, a tampon is full of bleach and unnatural shit and creates the perfect environment for evil bacteria.... that will, like, kill you. 

So... I got fed up with all the less convenient aspects of menstruating and decided to try the new invention that would end them all: the OrganiCup. All the cool menstruating feminists have one; now Sofie has one!

My first meeting: 10/10
… the cup was pretty delicate. The OrganiCup comes in a brown cardboard package, with the cup in a lil white bag inside. I was instantly fascinated with the cute transparent cup that was soon gonna store my liquid, red body waste. Before use it’s recommended to disinfect it by pouring boiling water over it and leaving it for 10 mins - and then it’s good to go.

Buy your OrganicCup here for $28.50

The rocket launch: 6/10

I got my period and it was time for the cup-lift-off into my vagina. To insert the cup you have to fold it into a C shape for easy insertion and place between your pubic bone and cervix. When it’s properly inserted the cup folds out to its original shape.

At first it felt very unnatural and uncomfortable to insert it, especially because the silicone is soft and flexible and hard to push up if it folds out too soon. I had to try a couple of times before I figured out how to navigate it but eventually I hardly noticed that it was even there. As with everything else, practice makes perfect! After changing it a couple of times I knew what did and didn't work for me. 

The pull out: 8/10

Service announcement: it’s a blood bath. But is it satisfying beyond limits? Yes. Pulling out the OrganiCup as an individual act can be a little circumstantial. First, you locate the cup’s tail with your fingers and start pulling. The cup has little air holes all the way around to avoid vacuum in the vagina when pulling - much needed, actually, since you really gotta pull hard! She’s pretty stuck up there. 

Getting it out might be a struggle the first couple of times but here comes my favourite part: 

I’ve always wondered HOW MUCH I actually bleed during my period. And all I can say is that it’s A LOT more than you expect. The OrganiCup isn’t sucking or hiding the blood anywhere, it’s simply just storing it which gives you the possibility to have a look at the bloody cup-pool. The high rating of 8/10 on this step is purely based on the satisfaction of watching your period look like a halloween themed vodka shot. After using it, simply clean it with intimate soap – make sure the air holes are clean and smooth, and then it’s ready to insert again. The cup only needs to be changed twice a day. Easy. When you get off your period, follow the same procedure as in the beginning: disinfect it by pouring boiling water over it and leave it in the water for 10 mins, dry it and store it until next month.

Why am I a fan of the OrganiCup?

It’s healthy for us to be confronted with our body and its mechanisms. Finally at the age of 23 I am aware of the amount of blood I shed during my period – and no leakage at all. Besides that, the presence of the cup is as anonymous as a tampon or a pad and also isolates the smell of the blood inside the vagina. It’s a sustainable and economic choice as well, since tampons, pads and other hygiene products are now unnecessary. 

All in all: Using and owning an OrganiCup has been an utmost positive experience and I can only recommend it to every one dealing with menstruation. In my first 24 hours using the OrganiCup I would rate it 7/10, but after becoming more routined with it my final rating is:


If you don’t know what to give your bestie for Christmas, maybe put this revolutionary Cup under the tree for them?

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