5 Popular Patterns In Spring / Summer 2021

From cool checks to psychedelic prints.


This spring/summer has brought around some of the coolest, craziest, and most colorful patterns ever known to fashion. Perhaps the lockdown restrictions have inspired us all to get a little bit creative. Have we ever been so carefree? 

The pre-pandemic trends followed minimalist fashion with plain prints and nothing but neutrals. Suddenly, our post-pandemic wardrobes are now filled with colorful crazy fashion trends. From cool checks to psychedelic prints, here are the 5 most popular patterns of spring/summer 2021.



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Seen wearing by just about everyone, the checkerboard trend has become the pattern of the season. This print can be found on anything and everything. From bandanas and scrunchies to pants and sneakers, the checkboard pattern appears to be the coolest print of spring/summer 2021. 

Psychedelic Prints


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From optical patterns to marble-like swirls, the explosion of psychedelic prints is a nostalgic throwback to the euphoria that characterized the 70s. Having been restricted of fun and freedom for the past year, fashion lovers have used psychedelic patterns to embrace the liberty that we all desire this season. 

Graphic Florals


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Although florals have always been a classic spring/summer staple, these groovy prints have taken a different approach to flowery flocks. Once again inspired by the 70s era of euphoria, this popular print is taking over Instagram.  They come in every color and can be found on cute cardigans, dainty dresses, and even sweet sneakers. It’s time to get groovy!




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This tropical pattern is without a doubt an alternative to having fun in the sun. If you’ve been denied a vacation, the one and only solution is to immerse yourself in this colorful tropical trend. 


Mixed Prints


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It's never been easier to mix and match your favourite pieces. Just when we thought that 2021 couldn't get any crazier, fashionistas introduced the trend of mixing and matches all sorts of patterns. From checks and swirls to rainbow stripes and daisies, we are now allowed to mix anything and everything to create our perfect spring/summer 2021 outfit!


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