The Leading Men At The Met Gala 2019

Who really met this year’s theme?


A no-show from Rihanna, Beyoncé and Blake Lively filled Met Gala viewers with an empty void in their hearts. However, the men really stepped up their game this year and made up for these missing appearances. Grand entrances and androgynous designs set the leading men poles apart from the rest of the pack, so kudos to them. It was also extremely refreshing to see a number of menswear designers represented at this red-carpet event; rather than the usual suspects. Let’s hear it for the boys:

Ezra Miller – Burberry


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All eyes were on Ezra Miller last night – quite literally. The 26-year-old actor first arrived to the ball in a white cape and mask. Post-arrival, Miller removed the cape-and-mask duo to uncover a Burberry pinstripe suit (with accompanying train), jeweled corset and, what could only be called, optical make-up. Fans were star-stricken with this theatrical look, which encompassed the ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ theme entirely.
Although serving dramatic looks seems to come only naturally to Miller, last night he outshone himself. This has certainly raised the bar for menswear.

Richard Madden – Dior Men

The rumored James Bond star arrived poker-faced to last night’s Met Gala Ball. Dressed in an ultra-slick Dior suit, Madden kept this outfit on the utilitarian side. The black suit was accompanied with a Dior ‘safety pin’ brooch and pair of boots. It was interesting to see an unlikely footwear choice, one which opposed the menswear loafer that has dominated red carpets recently.

Did this look nail the theme for last night’s Met Gala? Not at all. However, the masculine nature of Madden’s style shone through and he managed to weave his personality into a theme that was perhaps out of his comfort zone. 

Jared Leto – Gucci

At last year’s Gala, Jared Leto was a memorable guest who pulled off one of the most extravagant looks for the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ concept. He had some pretty big shoes to fill this year, but after much suspense, he kept all focus. 

The star came dressed in a bold Gucci gown that was satin red in color and dripping in jeweled embellishments. He arrived with a replica of his severed head in hand; an accessory we all know to be very Gucci. Leto’s final look had “Met Gala” written all over it.

Taron Egerton – Salvatore Ferragamo 

The up-and-coming Kingsman star made his first Met Gala appearance this year, wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo suit. To add more dimension to what could have been a simplistic tux, Egerton wore a bead-encrusted blazer and substituted the boring bow-tie for a leather knot.

As the leading man of the much-anticipated film, Rocketman – which is a tell-all movie about the life of famous and flamboyant music-man, Elton John – could we have expected more from Egerton? Absolutely. Rocketman is said to be a movie filled with outfits as extravagant as they come. So, was this Salvatore Ferragamo suit an attempt of diversion away from his most recent role?

Michael Urie – Christian Siriano 

The American actor fully embraced this year’s concept as he wore an androgynous Christian Siriano ensemble. The split look was part tulle ball-gown, part pin-stripe suit. The styling was also shared between the looks, however, each assigned to the opposite garment. Christian Siriano is a designer renowned for his eccentric creations and one who celebrates diversity through his work.

Harry Styles – Gucci

As a co-chair to the 2019 Met Gala, it was only inevitable that Harry Styles would wear Gucci – this year’s sponsor and the brand he has recently become the face of. The singer let his tatts shine through a custom sheer blouse, which also featured black lace and exaggerated frills. He styled the look with a pair of high-waisted trousers, heeled shoes, and a pearl earring. Unusual for Styles to wear all-black, his minimalist outfit still projected an air of femininity. This was simplistic elegance at its best.

Hamish Bowles – Maison Margiela

This year’s theme surrounded the expression of self-identity and personality through fashion. They said to expect plenty of feathers and this year Hamish Bowles provided enough for everyone. He wore a vibrant Maison Margiela cape, embellished with purple feathers and covered in hot-pink poodles. Underneath the cape, Bowles sported an all-purple suit, designed with various hues and ribbon to match. His lilac bow-tie finishes the look and exudes the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes. This look could only be described as two things: camp and confident.

Billy Porter – The Blonds


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To put it simply: he was the golden boy of the Met Gala. Last night, Billy Porter arrived in style as he was carried in by six men, perched on a palanquin.
He wore a one-piece designed by The Blonds and was styled head-to-toe in gold. Bets are on for how long it took to assemble this look. Nevertheless, he looked empowered.

Here he plays muse for the cameras, poised with his golden wings.


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