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The Grunge Aesthetic It's Not All Flannels And Doc Martens


€œGrunge€ is the epitome of 90s culture, fueled through flannels and Kurt Cobain. However, over the past few years Grunge has made a comeback and has settled in the hipster scene. Here'€™s a look at how Grunge fashion has changed, or not changed, through the years.

Fashion is the outer personality, and Grunge took the world by storm. As the transition from 80s hair bands to 90s dirty alternative rockers, fashion also took a slide. Neon tights turned into ripped jeans, and hair bands became just a dream. Nirvana and other alternative bands changed the rock game, and brought with them flannels, Doc Martins, and tattered denim.

As time changed, Grunge began to fade out. Early 2000s fashion was much more retro, tight, and more pop-oriented. Over the past few years, Grunge has surfaced again and has taken on several different forms, to name a few:

1. Soft Grunge

On the cusp of the Tumblr revolution, €œSoft Grunge€ has become a staple for millennial fashion. Pastel colors, florals, and tights are a must.

Image: Weheartit

Image: Facebook

2. Punk Grunge

Dark lips, dark clothes, chockers and beanies. That’s the make-up of punk-grunge, and don't forget lip and nose piercings too. This beautiful alternative style is a mix of punk, grunge and rock n roll.

Image: bloglovin

3. Hippie Grunge

Hippie Grunge is exactly what it sounds: a gorgeous combination of hippie or €œboho€ and grunge. This consists of florals, long patterned skirts, chockers, and rings.

Image: Instagram

4. Comfy Grunge

Comfy Grunge€ is an effortless grunge. Complete with leggings, flannels, jean jackets, band tees, soft dresses and any type of comfy footwear. This style is simple, but remains true to the Grunge style.


5. 90s Grunge

The typical grunge aesthetic: 90s. This look mimics the fashion of the 90s to a T. The flannels, doc martins, jean jackets, band tees, completed with unwashed messy hair and chockers.

Grunge is an alternative style, which speaks volumes in the fashion community. The 90s live on through these different styles that came from the Grunge revolution.


Slider Image Courtesy of Masha Sedgwick