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The Five Best Glossier Sets To Gift This Holidays

Beauty never (winter) sleeps.


Beauty products are always a winning idea for Christmas gifts. We created a top five list of essential makeup and skincare products that will help you stay beautiful this season. So, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

1. Essential Makeup Set: Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, and Lash Slick

What does a modern girl need to look good? Of course, confidence, good mood and — the basis for everyday makeup: mascara, brow pomade, and cheek color. Glossier presents its handy pocket set, which will help give freshness and volume to your eyelashes, make a playful blush on your cheeks and highlight your eyebrows.

Shop here for $40 and save $10.

2. Cloud Paint Duo: Blush

A bit of blush is never a wrong decision. Cloud Paint is a gel-cream blush formula that shows the most natural glow with some floral summer motives which are so warming u=in winter. Available in warm rose, sunny coral, cool pink, brownish nude, deep berry, and soft peach shades. Such variety will make a perfect match for different skin tones.

Shop here for $30.

3. Healthy Skincare Set

Makeup is not the only thing that makes women look beautiful. Beauty is also created with skin care after makeup. For example, Milky Jelly Cleanser is a face wash nourishing skin and making it softer and healthier. Priming Moisturizer provides extra hydration for sensitive skin, which is very important in the winter time. Finally, flavored lip balm Dotcom is your friend if you want to repair dry, chafed skin.

Shop here for $40.

4. Nourishing Super Pack

Most of the time our skin needs some extra care especially when we feel stressed, or do not have enough sleep, or, simply, when we travel a lot. In these cases, fast-absorbing treatment serums packed with vital nutrients will energize the skin for the whole day and give it a shot of pure health and beauty. Depends on the issue you have, whether it is dehydration, dryness or sensitivity you can use Super Glow, Super Pure or Super Bounce. Magic potions!

Shop here for $65.

5. Highlight your beauty: Boy Brow + Haloscope Duo

Your eyebrows can tell a lot about your personality as well as your cheekbones can incline sexuality. Boy Brow, a Glossier bestseller, highlights the naturalness of eyebrows and suggests a healthy and fresh look. Comes in Blond, Black and Brown for different hair color matches. Haloscope is presented by Moonstone, Quartz, and Topaz so you can choose how glowy do you want to look for Christmas.

Shop here for $30.

For your convenience, Glossier posted a holiday shipping schedule to make sure you have your little treats by Christmas:

Dec 11 (Standard — free over $30)

Dec 17 (Preferred)

Dec 19 (Expedited)

Dec 20 (Rush)

Merry Christmas!


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