The Cutest Animal Accounts To Follow On Social Media


Most pet parents are guilty of filling up their social media accounts with pictures, videos, and updates on their furry friends - and why wouldn’t you? After all, our pets are a huge part of our lives and our fur babies, so naturally, you want to make sure that your friends and followers stay in the loop about what’s going on with them - and many people love to hear about your pet’s latest antics.

But, some pet parents have gone a step even further by creating their own social media accounts for their pets, so they have a separate space to post pet updates, and anybody who doesn’t want to see them can easily opt-out without unfriending the owner. If you love looking at cute animals and finding out what other people’s pets have been getting up to on social media, here are some of the cutest animal accounts that you should follow.

Doug the Pug:

Along with having a pretty cute rhyming name, Doug the Pug is one of the biggest social media pet names out there. Cute Instagram posts, funny tweets, and entertaining Tik Toks are posted from Doug’s accounts every day to his millions of followers. Declaring himself the ‘King of Pop Culture’, Doug’s full of Friends references, and you’ll even see pictures of him chilling out with the cast of Stranger Things and the Jonas Brothers - he’s got some connections in high places. And his fashion taste is second to none with a wide range of brilliant costumes, hilarious wigs, and NFL dog shirts.



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Hosico is one of the most well-known cat influencers out there with a face that will make anybody melt. Hosico is a Scottish Straight, a breed that’s quite closely related to the Scottish Fold. As Hosico demonstrates, some cats need to explore everything - you’ll see him checking out everything from computer monitors to food on his regular video posts. Naturally, when you see his cute poofy cheeks and gorgeous orange fur, you’ll melt.

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Nala the Cat:

Known for her constant look of confusion, Nala the Cat has won over thousands of followers with her adorable charm and cuteness. A Siamese-tabby mix, she’s a really unique cat with gorgeous blue eyes. The main message that Nala sends out to her devoted followers it that being different is fine, and just enjoy your life! She’s even started her own line of healthy cat food recently, and with over four million Instagram followers, it’s no surprise that Nala has recently started enjoying the high life and hanging out with fellow celebs.



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Venus the Two-Faced Cat:

If you really enjoy following unique pet accounts, you are going to love Venus. This cat has a really distinctive face - half black cat, and half orange tabby. Even her eyes are different colours thanks to a harmless condition known as heterochromia iridium. Venus has become so famous that she’s even been featured in National Geographic, and she’s definitely an influential feline, using her platform to help those who look a little different feel better about themselves with a range of inspirational and encouraging speeches and talk show appearances - with the help of her beloved human, of course.



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Maple the Pup:

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous smiling puppy? Maple the Pup is a mix between a Border Collie, Sheltie, and Golden Retriever and she’s well-known for her happy, smiling face. Maple loves the outdoors and you can tell just how happy she is with her love - and treat-filled - life as a rescue dog in her pictures, which are often taken outside in the sun or snow. She even performs some pup-tastic piano covers just for her followers.



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Maru Taro:

With his carefree energy and attitude, it’s no surprise that this Japanese Shiba has become world-famous. With his gorgeous smiling eyes, it’s difficult not to let him melt your heart the second you see his posts. You’ll find plenty of pictures and videos of him having fun around Japan - he’s visited everywhere from the big cities to quiet parks, and each post comes accompanied with some wisdom or inspiration for the day. Even though Maru Taro and his owner are both Japanese, don’t worry - his owner makes sure that the messages are translated into English, so more of his 2.5 million followers can understand. You can even get toys and candles featuring Maru’s happy face.



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This cute and fluffy Pomeranian has a massive personality which is a big hit with his over nine million Instagram followers. You will certainly never get bored when you follow Jiffpom, as every day he appears with a new style, outfit or adventure to share with you. So far, he’s appeared in shark costumes and bunny outfits, and he hangs out with other celebs quite often too. Follow him on his adventures - he’s been all over the world from South Korea to Brazil selling his new toy line.



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Juniper Fox:

Not all of the biggest animal social media accounts are dogs and cats - in fact, some are animals that you would never even expect to be a pet. Juniper is a fox, but she loves her comfortable life of domestication. Born in captivity, Juniper and her sibling Fig tend to get on better with their dog friends than wild foxes - and even though they don’t promote the idea of going and getting a wild fox as a pet, they provide a great insight into the daily life of a fox. Also, their amazing owners help to foster other pets while raising awareness of wild and domestic animal care.



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Are you already following any of these gorgeous animals on social media? Which ones are you going to follow next?