The Brazilian Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

Venturing deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle.


As well as having pristine beaches and carnival extravaganzas full of vibrant colors, Brazil is a country with a bustling fashion scene. In recent times, it has become a popular destination for the fashion community to visit given its love of fashion and thanks to an array of established brands that are beginning to make waves outside of the country.

In fact, knowledgeable fashionistas will be fully aware of the many Brazilian labels which are beginning to garner the attention of global audiences. The country offers a diverse range of designers, too, from creatives specializing in flop-flops to those who focus on bikinis and colorful beachwear. As such, as well as venturing deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle like you can do in the Secrets of the Amazon online slot, people are exploring Brazil’s fashion scene with great interest as it continues to go from strength to strength. Forget talented footballers like Neymar, samba dancing, and the aforementioned Amazon rainforest for a second: below is a look at some of the Brazilian fashion brands you most definitely need to know about and which deserve some recognition, too.



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Ellus isn’t new by any stretch and was first established in Sao Paolo in 1972, but it hasn’t necessarily penetrated foreign territories like it deserves to. The fashion label does have both outlets and offices in countries such as Chile and Japan, but its extensive offerings deserve to be worn on a more global scale. Ellus isn’t cheap, though. In fact, the 100% Brazilian-owned label is one of the more expensive brands in the country, with its attire being regularly snapped up by the country’s rich and famous.



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Created by Oskar Metsavaht in 1989 after he came up with the concept from his home in Rio de Janeiro, one the country’s biggest luxury fashion brands initially started as a sports-themed clothing line before eventually moving into the luxury market with a range of stylish designs. The brand also champions its environmental responsibilities by using nature-friendly quality materials, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly designs throughout too. As a result of its success, Oskar Metsavaht’s high-quality brand now has flagship stores around the world in cities such as Rome, New York, Milan, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires.



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If you haven’t heard of Havaianas, then you have probably been living under a rock for a while. Regarded by many as being one of the biggest fashion brands to come out of the country in recent times, Havaianas is owned and manufactured by Brazilian company Alpargatas and offers fashionistas with some of the highest quality flip-flop sandals around. After finding inspiration from Japanese zori slippers and the paradise on offer in locations such as Hawaii, the brand is perfect for any tropical setting in particular. Believe it or not, but Havaianas is the brainchild of a Scotsman too. Robert Fraser, who brought his idea to life in 1962, certainly nailed this particular concept. The fact that around 150 million pairs of sandals are produced each year highlights that even further.


After teaming up with supermodel Giselle Bundchen in 2002, Grendene hasn’t really looked back since. Her line of footwear propelled the brand into the big leagues and won over millions of people in the process. A rival of the aforementioned Havaianas, the brand is a great option for people in need of sandals and any other footwear. Interestingly, though, not many people know that Grendene initially started off as a wine producer before changing tact completely and venturing into the world of fashion.


Other top Brazilian brands include Mormaii, Colcci, and Carlos Miele.