The Best Cost Effective Hook Up Apps for You

Find the partner that you are looking for tonight.


Hooking up in today’s world has never been this easy. Thanks to the all mighty internet which has endowed us with gifts of technological freedom, we can now find someone to hook up with easily.

Before the internet and hook up sites or apps, you had to find a place where you can meet people. That would be a bar or a party and you would have to set a time and date to go there. Then you will need to gather the courage to get up to someone and talk or drink yourself senseless to drown away the shame. If you’re lucky, the person responds and you will have a conversation that might or might not end up in a hook up. If you are not, then you might as well try again next time or not at all. Click here to learn more about hooking up.

Nowadays, you have these dating websites and applications which you can utilize at any time of the day and at any day of the week. You don‘t need courage as these apps will be your courage. Because of the staggering number of users, there is no point in connecting with just one person, but rather connect to as many people as you can to increase the chances of hooking up right away. Plus, you don’t have to spend on entrance fees, booze, and food to be able to find a prospect partner. You just have to download an app or go online and start searching and flirting. Some even skip the flirting part and get dirty and rowdy as soon as possible.

However, these sites and applications can still cost money as some require membership fees and other forms of payment. Thankfully, there are dating sites dedicated to find you your next shag which are totally for free to use. These cost effective hook up apps can definitely help you find the partner that you are looking for tonight.

Here are some of the best free hook up sites and applications:

Down Dating

This dating platform is connected to your Facebook account and searches through your friends and the friends of your friends to see who wants to get down and dirty with you tonight and also those looking for a serious relationship. This platform is very useful and reliable as you are sure that the people you are matching with are real people since they are your friends or your friends’ friends.  This app is easy to use and is available for free for both Apple and Android users.

However, you will be presented with all your friends from Facebook to choose from and it can get awkward because they will get notifications from you even if they have not yet downloaded this app.  You can obviously skip the people you don’t want to be part of your escapade.


Tinder is the most famous hookup and dating application since it started in 2012. You can find references to this app in a lot of movies, shows, and online content. That is because this is very easy to use and started the famous swipe right and swipe left.

Tinder is based on location and the people you see on your application are those who are around you. You will be able to see some pictures of your prospect matches and the distance of how far they are from you. You will then proceed to swipe right if you like the person and swipe left on the profiles of the people that you are not attracted to. If by chance that the person you swiped right also swiped you right, then both of you will then have the option to chat with each other.

What happens next is up to both of you. You can flirt, use a corny pick-up line, talk about your problems, or get right into business and ask the person if they want to have sex. If you’re lucky, you will be shagging in the next few minutes. Visit this page to get tips on hooking up.

There are a lot of free hookup sites out there where you can find a partner anytime and anywhere. Even if you are in a different country, these applications can be used and no language or cultural barrier can stop a horny person.


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