The Beauty Project Questioning Beauty Ideals

And us, questioning both.


Photos: Courtsey of Paola Kudacki

NY based, MUA Sil Bruinsma and photographer Paola Kudacki have teamed up to bring us ‘The Beauty Project,’ a series of studio portraits, that boast experimental and bold makeup looks.  The first to feature on Bruinsma’s Instagram is a close-up shot of sequinned lips, emblazoned with multi-colored light flare. Explaining the concept of The Beauty Project, the makeup artist writes, “Felt inspired by all the bold #beauty statements that have been popping up on my timeline last year, so I came up with a concept to capture the exciting transformations in #makeup.” He echoes this claim in a recent interview with Hypebae, with the statement, “The beauty project I initiated and worked on with Paola Kudacki was really sort of a celebration of this mindset and an individualist approach to makeup.”

The sentiment of Bruinsma and Kudacki’s project is admirable — self-expression over concealment, individuality over conformity, however, it’s worth noting that their subjects are models, so diversity is limited still. For true diversity, the beauty industry must seek to represent ‘ordinary folk,’ that is to say, people with flaws that aren’t considered ‘trendy’ by the fashion/beauty industry. 

Still, The Beauty Project represents a positive shift in mindset, one that equates beauty with creativity and character. Better yet, for two professionals in the creative industry (with clients including Vogue, I-D, and Times), it’s refreshing to learn inclusivity is at the forefront of their minds. 

Head here to see the full collection of images, (oh, and be prepared, you’re going to want to attempt every look).

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