The Athletic Coup Film Festival: Call For Entries Is Now Open

Unleashing athlete stories: submit films to The Athletic Coup.


The Athletic Coup was born out of a desire to uncover the inspirational stories of amateur athletes and niche sports performed in remote areas of the world. It premieres in May 2024 in Athens, Greece. Filmmakers from all over the world are now invited to submit their film.

Through the lens of cinema, this film festival brings to life the passion, dedication, and triumphs of athletes from all walks of life, inspiring audiences to discover new facets of sports and strive for greatness.

Set against the birthplace of physical excellence in Athens, The Athletic Coup is dedicated to showcasing the dynamic world of athletic action and excellence on the big screen. It shines a spotlight on the captivating world of athletic action and excellence in motion.

The festival is a celebration of professional and amateur athletes and a journey of discovery that takes us to the most exciting sports in the most fascinating places around the world.

Physical exercise as a key factor for mental balance

The Athletic Coup is a new concept by Melanie Marten, founder of The Coup public relations, based in Berlin and Athens. It is a passion project to promote physical and mental health and the community aspects of sports.

Melanie Marten: "Discovering new facets of physical exercise is vital for motivation. Sport is not just for professional athletes but something everyone can do and benefits from throughout their lifetime. Our filmmakers tell stories of challenges that have been overcome, communities that have been created, and allow you to discover new sport disciplines for yourself."

Through the art of film, The Athletic Coup showcases the incredible stories and accomplishments of athletes who push their limits and break new ground. The festival promises to be a captivating journey that celebrates the indomitable spirit of athletes and the power of storytelling.

Nominee: Rebound

Directors: Tim Vervoort, Vincent Stevens, Gilles Simonet

Sebastien Bellin, a former professional basketball player, is on his way to New York, leaving from Brussels Airport. When he receives his boarding pass, a bomb goes off at Brussels Airport. He runs towards security when a second bomb explodes only a few feet away. Bellin nearly died on March 22nd, 2016, in a terrorist attack.

With some luck and help, he survived and, after 13 surgeries, kept his legs. Six years later, he did the Ironman Triathlon of Hawaii as a disabled athlete.

Filmmakers worldwide share your stories that capture the essence of athleticism in its purest form. Be a part of the celebration of the indomitable spirit of athletes.

Submit your film: The festival is open to all formats, from authentic documentaries to awe-inspiring shorts, original features, comedies, animations, experimental films, and brand films.

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