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The 2019 Nike Mercurial 360 Debut

The 2019 Nike Mercurial 360 Debut

The sneaker that builds upon the best.


Coming away fresh with the win at the Women’s World Cup, American brand Nike have some exciting news about their latest drop.

Over 20 years since they were first introduced, the Nike Mercurial has been a groundbreaking shoe in the sporting world. The Mercurial’s design, lineage and constant reinvention capture the magic of Nike and their notability in regards to excellence.

Through the years the shoe has become somewhat of a staple in footballer’s boot repertoire and the 2018 Mercurial 360 is one of the most beloved Nike boots of all time. Hundreds of athletes have spoken out about this boot and on a scale of 1 to 10, a staggering amount of the professional players voted for 10. The lowest score recorded for the boots was an 8, and let’s be honest that’s not a bad score at all!

Taking this vote of 8 into account, the Nike design team used that as a base for where to improve for the 2019 boot. Usually there’s a 2-year hiatus between releases for innovation and upgrades but the 2019 boot was built on a faster timeline than ever before.

The result?

Massive improvements from the 2018 model. Improvements on the upper and plate technology and not to mention a huge design change.The upper combines Flywire and Flyknit which are two of Nike’s most popular materials, they allow flexibility in the material whilst being soft and comfortable yet rigid enough to also keep the structure of the shoe strong and stop any stretching from occurring. Plus, an additional All Conditions Control (ACC) unit prevents the boot from being porous in any way.

When modifying the plate, Nike took inspiration from speed cycling shoes that clip into pedals. The new Nike Aerotrak plate is the power transfer area of the boot, and in turn provides more of a snap than the 2018 model. Only using what was necessary Nike trimmed excess weight from the boot leaving it at less than 200 grams – contemporary and minimalistic? Yes please!

The graphics are soon to be iconic. The main Swoosh drops down to the studs of the boots and continues underfoot, something the clever construction allows for. We can see the obvious ‘Just Do It’ slogan, and the Mercurials cute nickname ‘Merc’ emblazoned on the boots as well as ‘Nike Football’ written again and again in a variety of languages across the plate.

We don’t know about you, but we think these are the best yet and we can’t wait to cop! If you like what you’re hearing check out the Mercurial 360 Vapor/Superfly in both the Black and Blue Fury colorways. They’ll be available July 7 on nike.com


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