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Texas Is Going To Make Unwanted Dick Pics Illegal

Bye, bye unwanted crotch shots.


Rejoice women across the land (or at least in Texas) as those unwanted dick pics are finally going to be made illegal. 

Founder and CEO of Bumble, the legendary dating app which puts women in charge, Whitney Wolfe Herd is calling for the measure after being subjected to dozens of unwanted pics of… well, dicks. 

But Wolfe Heard is not alone, a massive 78% of millennial women have received an unwanted sexual image at some point. After finding herself frustrated that there was seemingly nothing in place to stop such an obvious violation, the app creator has made it her mission to put a stop the ubiquitous phenomenon of sending unwanted crotch shots. 

Working with lobbyists and state representative in Texas, where the app is based, she has been striving to ensure that sending a junk shot without permission will become a Class C misdemeanor- equivalent to a speeding ticket. The news comes less than a year after a similar bill was introduced in New York City to combat the rise in men using Apple’s Airdrop feature to send unsuspecting subway riders pictures of their genitals. 

The movements have been met with popularity and hopefully will encourage more states to introduce similar measures. After all, it’s illegal to flash your genitals in public so why should an unsolicited picture of them be any different? 

PSA to all men, if we're not asked for one, trust us, we don’t want one.


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