Tessa Violet And Lovelytheband Collaborate On New Single 'Games'

Two of the biggest rising stars in music have collaborated.


If you haven’t heard of Tessa Violet and lovelytheband already, you will now. Tessa Violet, originally from Oregon, has become one of the faces of indie-pop music; and lovelytheband, formed in LA, consists of Jordan Greenwald, Mitchy Collins, and Sam Price, who instantly gained recognition from their debut single ‘Broken’. The new track is actually a rework from the song ‘Games’ off of Violet’s debut album and is accompanied by a new music video featuring both Violet and the indie-pop trio that make lovelytheband.

Tessa Violet Digital Tour May 2021

Tessa Violet and lovelytheband were supposed to tour in 2020, but unfortunately for us, the pandemic meant the tour was cancelled – however, something good did come about. In fact, this collaboration came about as a result of the planned tour. It’s any indie-pop fans dream for this track to come about, and we were fortunate enough to listen to the track before its release.

As if we didn’t love the original track enough, the combined vocals between Violet and Collins on the chorus blend harmoniously and add the extra ‘oomph’ we didn’t know we needed. Collins’ voice on the second verse adds further depth to both the melody and the lyrics and make us both want to dance around our houses as well as reflect on the lyrics so many of us can relate to. This track is truly a testament to the talent of both parties.

The music video brings the collaboration to life and really shows the musical spark between Tessa Violet and lovelytheband. The wardrobe throughout the video caught our eye especially, and Tessa’s bright yellow hair has always been something to admire.

We were lucky enough to speak with Tessa and ask her some questions about the collaboration and music video. Here’s what she had to say.

What was the collaboration process like?

Super fun, especially getting to shoot the music video! I had this idea to do the vampire baseball thing and it’s always a little like… will lovelytheband think this is funny? But they were super down and so much fun on set!

Are you hoping to tour with lovelytheband once it’s safe to do so?

Yes absolutely! I mean at this point everything is up on their air, when will touring be coming back? But I’d love to.

What inspired you to write ‘Games’ in the first place?

I was cheated on and honestly, it’s not the cheating that’s crazy making, it’s the being lied to. When someone lies to you, they put you in the position to either trust them or trust yourself. Tough.

What’s your favourite lovelytheband song?

Hmm that’s tough. I love ‘broken’ obviously! But I might say ‘buzz cut’, especially the version with MisterWives – who I am also a huge fan of!

What was the video creative process like? What inspire aspects, or all of, the video?

It came together really easily. Everyone showed up on set and immediately got what we were doing. You can look at anyone in the background and everyone’s in it. The song was effortless too. I love Mitchy’s vocal on the song, he’s got a killer voice and it really brings something special to the song.

‘Games’ is out now and you can listen to it here. Trust us, you’ll have the song on repeat for weeks – let's hope this isn’t the only collaboration we see from these guys.

Watch the music video below:

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