10 Steps For Making The Most Of A Boring Sunday

Make your weekend great again.


Fridays and Saturdays are for partying, hanging out late with your friends and for late night binge-watching. You usually wake up on Sundays sometime around noon and spend the rest of the day napping, eating junk and low-key stressing out about Monday.
We often feel some sort of regret on Monday as if we haven’t used our days off enough before starting the new week. Fear no more because we’ve picked out our 10 best ways to spend your Sunday.

1. Clean your apartment

‚A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind.‘ Most of us try to avoid our chores during the week distracting ourselves with other tasks, outside activities or simply by spending 2 hours on the Instagram explorer page. And as science says, you are more prone to procrastination and even depression, when your surroundings are a mess. Start every Sunday by cleaning the mess of the week and maybe by organizing your workplace. Doing this in the morning will give you an early feeling of accomplishment and motivate you to carpe diem the s*** out of Sunday.

2. Set a goal to eat at least one healthy meal

We know it’s a little too much to expect everyone to eat perfect all the time every day but by consciously planning and preparing even one perfectly healthy meal you’re already doing a big step. Having healthy food not only helps our body to restore the energy and nutrients, but we also feel more optimistic towards future food choices. Obviously a ‚healthy‘ meal doesn’t mean plain lettuce and raw veggies but a wholesome and delicious meal with a lot of nutrients such as a vegetable stew or a huge quinoa salad.

3. Make talk-dates with your friends

While we usually see our friends on Fridays and Saturdays, the conversations are usually very light-hearted and not that deep. Not saying we never had a powerful (drunk) conversation with our bf on the bathroom floor while loud techno music played in the background. Still having a chill day to catch up and talk about our problems is another talk. We have a safe space, we can drink some coffee or tea, and we dive deep into each other’s personal issues. This not only helps us to get another persons perspective on a situation that might not be as bad as we thought it was, but it also helps us to reflect the past week and be ready for the next one. Especially with creative people, discussing our problems we might have faced and brainstorming about ideas ican be super nourishing and gives you the inspirational kick you needed.

4. Incorporate a self-care routine

YouTube is overflowing with 'pamper day‘ videos, and we might feel like we can’t do enough for our body anyway. But our suggestion is, create your own ultimate pamper routine. This doesn’t mean you need to do all your self care on one day, but use the extra time you get to get rid of the old junk in your hair and on your skin. As grooming god Jonathan from Queer Eye suggests, use your face mask on Sunday instead of right before an event, since it makes the stuff under your skin come out. Try a soothing clay mask or a moisturizing sheet mask, while using a rehydrating mask on your hair. If you usually don’t floss, do it on Sunday. It might motivate you, to do it every day. 'Can you believe?'

5. Write a summary of last week

If you’re not a daily or even an occasional writer we know it can be hard to get down the pen or hammer in that keyboard. But it has been proven that writing down thoughts and past events helps us  improving our memory and come to faster (and probably better) solutions for problems. There is no rule on how you write your summary. You could write in bullet points, short sentences or write an essay. No one needs to see or read it and if you don’t want to keep it you can just throw it away or delete the file as soon as you’re done.

6. Watch a documentary

This may not directly prepare you for next week but it sure will give you a more accomplished feeling than watching RuPauls Drag Race for the 20th time. Watching an interesting and maybe political documentary may also give you some topics and facts to talk about next week and might even spark new inspiration for a project. There are great documentaries on Netflix whether it’d be about crazy inspiring people like Maya Angelou, the connection between abortion and the politics in the US or environmental documentaries. You can always learn something new and leave for the next week more open-minded than for the last one.

7. Unclutter your closet

Organizing and prioritizing your clothes leaves your closet lighter and kickstarts new excitement for next weeks outfits. Play around a little and dare to try out new combinations you could try next week. Discovering what you have in your closet and what you actually like to wear will help you determine what to add next and what to put on depop (also a great Sunday activity).

8. Start next weeks work-out routine

Time is relative — at least in theory. In our minds though, we feel like the new goals we set for ourselves can only be worked on at the beginning of the week. Wonder how many people have their ‚last‘ cigarette on Sunday, or spend the entire day on the sofa ‚for the last time‘, or start eating healthier ‚tomorrow‘? We have no clue, but we know the cure of it. ‚Just do it.‘ Start right now, as you set those goals, as you plan that routine. Get hyped, get pumped, get started. This will reduce the pressure to wake up early in the morning on Monday and will provide you with hella endorphins to carry you to your next workout.

9. Clean and organize your fridge

Sounds gross — and it might be. But getting rid of old junk from your fridge will give you a clear mind when it comes to food choices for the next week. While cleaning, you could imagine the meals you want to prepare the next week and afterwards write the grocery list for the next day. This will feel relieved and psyched for the new food, that you can fill your fridge with.

10. Make plans for dinner or a fun game night

Most of these ideas for your Sundays might sound a little ‚tasking‘ so for your Sunday evening why not reward yourself with some quality time. Ask your partner or crush or friend or mom on a dinner date, dress up a little and feel yourself. Another fun way to spend some chill quality time is to have some friends over for some games. Choose what you like, a fun Wii game, an old school board game or the good old cards against humanity. No matter what or who you choose to spend your Sundays with, don’t beat yourself up about not accomplishing as much as others seem to, put your phone away and eat your veggies.


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