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10 Cult-Favorite Blushes: Find The Perfect Shade For Your Summer Glow

If a blush can be this pretty on it's own, just imagine it on your face!


Looking for that perfect blush? Then, look no further because this article gives you a rundown of the best blushes on the market! By the time you finish reading, your basket on Sephora might be looking rather full, but it will definitely be worth it. 

Bobbi Brown Blush

This matte-finish blush will add the perfect, natural pop of color to your cheeks. Bobbi Brown has been given an award for the formula of this beautiful blush, and it is extremely easy to blend—making it perfect for anyone to use. The range has twenty-one shades. From cool tone pinks to peachy corals, you’ll be sure to find the perfect color for your specific skin tone. The pigmentation is concentrated but subtle enough to ensure that this blush gives just a flush of color rather than a chalky mess. A simple yet effective blush which does what it says on the tin. The go-to if you are looking for a blush that will never let you down.

Ciaté London Glow-To Illuminating Blush


Color: Summer Love. A new release to Sephora, this luminous blush from Ciaté has a highlighting effect to bring a natural glow as well as the perfect color to your cheeks. The range has pink and lavender colors, and although there's not a huge variety of shades, the underlying tones of each blush will suit an assortment of skin colours. The packaging is also stunning to match the high quality product inside. Altogether, a luminous blush perfect if you are looking to brighten your skin.

Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow Blush 

This blush is a must-have if you want to add a subtle, glowing hue to your skin with easily buildable color. The velvety texture of this blush has a sheen that will add the healthiness back to your skin. There are currently eight colors to choose from, with each having a buttery and luxurious feeling on the skin. This blush freshens the skin and suits a variety of skin types, due to its sheerness and radiance. A good choice for those who are looking for a blush to awaken the skin and provide a natural flush to your face. 

Dior Vibrant Colour Powder Blush  

Dior’s blush is another makeup bag must. It provides a natural finish on the skin and is perfect for all skin types. The formula of this blush is superfinely milled, which creates the look of a second skin when applied. The pigmentation of this blush ensures that with just one application, a sheer wash of color will be applied, but when layered, the product it can provide a vibrant pop of color. The range has four color sections: the pinks, the reds, the corals and the nudes. With a large choice of colors, it is easy to find one to suit your skin's undertones. 

Clinique Cheek Pop  

A unique formula developed by Clinique, this blush contains no talc or parabens and gives a powderless finish. This blush becomes liquid when placed on the skin, which allows a silky, flawless application. This blush prides itself on the trueness of color it provides, so you can rest assured the color in the compact will be the color on your cheeks. There are fourteen shades in the collection from Pansy Pop, a vibrant purple color, to Cola Pop, a warm red color, each shade is a favorite. The perfect product to carry you from summer to autumn. 

Benefit GALifornia Blush

The newest from the range of blushes from Benefit, Galifornia is a gorgeous and radiant product for your cheeks. The blush comes in the classic box similar to other Benefit products and is pressed with a golden sun, which provides a shimmer to the blush. This blush smells irresistable with hints of grapefruit and vanilla. GALifornia is a medium pink colour with warmer undertones, so it will naturally suit warmer undertones but can be worn by anyone. We love that the  shimmer in the product is not too dense, so it will not highlight pores or give your skin a bumpy texture. The product can last for around eight hours on the skin before fading, so you can be confident your face will stay intact all day long. 

Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach  

Part of the Peach range from Too Faced, this pretty peachy number is definitely a must for all make-up collectors. The product has a slight shimmer to it but has no dense or chunky pieces of glitter, ensuring that it looks natural when placed on the skin. The colour is slightly muted, with hints of coral and orange and has warm undertones and can look frosted and pigmented on all skin colours. The product, of course, has the scent of peaches, but the smell quickly disappears once applied. Papa Don't Peach can easily be built up to provide a nice peach hue to the skin and last for around eight hours, so it can be worn comfortably during your busy day. The peach collection has taken the internet and make-up collectors by storm and is definitely a must have blush! 

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush

Made with photoluminescent technology, this blush breaks down the boundaries of your average blush. Using the same technology that made their ambient lighting powder so successful, Hourglass developed this radiant, glowing blush to provide the same glow as their highlighter but with a hint of colour. These blushes are beautifully crafted with a marble effect and beautiful golden packaging – screaming high end luxury. Garunteed to add depth and dimension to any skin color and give a luminosity that looks healthy and natural, the highly pigmented product is perfect for every day or can be applied with a heavy hand for a night out. 

Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

A powerful blush duo developed by Marc Jacobs, this compact allows you to customize your color by swirling your brush in the desired shades. The texture is unique, as it is created using a process called soufflage (French for "air-whipped"), which gives a bouncy and light feeling to the product. This allows it to have a beautiful satin sheen when applied and remain light-weight when placed on the skin. The unique shaped packaging is designed after vintage cigarette cases, highlighting Marc Jacobs' sense of style and creativity.The blush can last up to twenty-four hours, so it's a must-have for people who move from day to night with little chance to top up their makeup. 

NARS Orgasm Blush

Everyone’s favorite, the renowned blush NARS Orgasm is the must-have blush of the century. This product has a stunning peachy-coral color and flakes of gold glitter throughout, which give a gorgeous glow to the face. This blush has been such a success that NARS has an entire collection dedicated to the beautiful coral hue that includes lipsticks, lip-glosses, liquid illuminators and a liquid version of the blush! The pigmentation is good and is easily buildable. Because of the blush's build-ability, it looks great on paler skin tones but can be adapted to suit darker ones, so it's perfect for the entire makeup community. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, then this should definitely be in your collection. Or, if you’re just looking for one standout blush then this could easily be the one for you.

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