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8 Tearaway Pants Inspired By The '90s And Where To Shop Them

Will you try them?


Elevating the out-of-favor and appropriating the passé, the fashion world has determined what was once uncool is now becoming cool, precisely because it’s uncool. Our attention is being subverted from what’s ‘hot’ to what’s decidedly not. Nineties fashion that we would have once called tasteless is making its way back into our wardrobe at lightening speed, and old school streetwear is experiencing a major revival. 



The latest “outdated” piece to return to our closet is the tearaway pant. They’re track pants but with buttons. They’re athletic wear but not really for playing. They’re sporty but also sexy.  

The tearaway pant was probably the greatest thing about 1998 and everybody — even the Spice Girls — knew it. Now, the cheeky ‘90s staple is back, and it’s better than ever. 


Seen marching across Maison Margiela and Fenty x Puma runways, the tearaway pant has experienced a triumphant return in the fashion world, and we couldn’t be more excited. 



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We've gathered together our 8 fav tearaway pants this season to give your look that '90s vibe any cool 'fit needs. Plus, with these babies, spontaneous outfit changes can now easily become a reality. 


1. Versus

Black Side Slit Lounge Pants

Shop for $ 535 here.

2. FILA + UO Basketball

Tearaway Track Pant
Shop for $ 75 here.

3. Puma Fenty By Rihanna 

Tearaway Track Pant
Shop for $ 230 here.

4. Champion

Tearaway Active Pants

Shop for $ 85 here.

5. Palm Angels 

Purple Logo Track Pants

Shop for $ 405 here.

6. Puma Fenty By Rihanna 

White tearaway pants.

Shop for $ 230 here.

7.  Puma Fenty By Rihanna 

Olive gree tearaway pants.

Shop for $ 230 here.

8. Facetasm

Red Tearaway Lounge Pants

Shop for $ 270 here.