SZA In Wonderland

“Good Days” music video envisions spring, shrooms and self-expression.


SZA’s “Good Days” is a bop. No question. The song was released on Christmas day in 2020 and it was the gift we didn’t know we all desperately needed. The song now has over 173 million hits on Spotify and the lyric video and audio track have combined views of over 38.7 million on YouTube. To therefore say that the accompanying music video has been anticipated is an understatement. SZA finally introduced us to her wonderland on Friday and it did not disappoint. The video hit 1 million views on YouTube in the first 16 hours, and for good reason. 

The self-directed music video spotlights SZA in all her greatness. The opening shots use vintage lenses and serene natural landscapes to set up the Alice in Wonderland premise. SZA is seen asleep next to a book and some mushrooms and we as viewers are then subsumed into the shroom-spring-storyline. SZA appears, dancing to the soul of the track with sensual and soft movement, in a mound of earth surrounded by giant mushrooms. She is welcoming her fans to the trippy underworld of her imagination. SZA creates a world of sensual serenity for both her viewers and herself—this is dreamland. 

The video splits its time between this magical forest and a library that can only be described as a book lover’s wet dream. Here, SZA shows off her impressive pole dancing skills and the strength of her brain and her body. Pole dancing in Gatsby’s library with a book in hand is a full vibe for 2021.  

The “Good Days” video teased new music as well as dream-worlds. Like in her “Hit Different” music video which teased a sample of “Good Days”, the last minute of this music video is a clip of her unreleased song, “Shirt”. This song, though unreleased, has already found success on TikTok with thousands of people posting videos of their choreography to its main hook. The sample video shows a suspended SZA pole-dancing outside a gas station and works to make fans even more restless for the drop.  

Whilst it seems that everyone has “been on my empty mind shit” over the past pandemic year, SZA’s music video imagines “Good Days” of summer, shrooms and sunshine ahead. 


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