SZA Channels Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill In New Music Video

The singer takes the song’s murderous lyrics to heart in “Kill Bill” video-


SZA transforms in Uma  Thurmans's 'The Bride" for her new 'Kill Bill' music video, paying homage to 2003 Tarantino classic in bloody, samurai-sword-wielding fun. In a quick cameo,  Vivica A. Fox reprises her role as "Copperhead" from the Kill Bill franchise 20 years later and the two seek deadly vengeance on SZA's treacherous ex-lover. The song "Kill Bill", the lead single of SZA's newest album "SOS", currently climbs on the Billboard Hot 100, landing the number three spot. 

The video was directed by Doja Cat collaborator Christian Breslauer and delivers all the gory fun you'd expect from a Tarantino-esque music video. The songstress steps out in a red latex suit, a la The Bride from the 2003 revenge thriller. Complete with samurai fight sequences, motorcycle rides, and anime-style confrontations. Midway through, we see SZA in anime form as she climatically faces off against the man she once loved. 

"I might kill my ex, I still love him though," SZA candidly sings as she walks-off after enacting sweet justice Tarantino himself would be proud of. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the "Good Days" singer praises the movie, saying, "I watched it again for inspiration for the music video."  

"I love Vivica A. Fox's character. I love Lucy Lui's character. I even love Bill because he's super complex," SZA said, calling the movie "a love story" due to the film's nuanced character motivations.

The music video ends with a turn into the following song on the "SOS" album, "Seek and Destroy." 

"SOS," released on December 9th, 2022, remains top dog on the Billboard charts, surviving a fourth week at the number one spot on the top 200.