Summer Hair Care Tips that Beat the Heat

Get out and about and explore.


The summer months may bring some much-needed warmth and an excuse to get out and about and explore all that the world has to offer in cute, comfortable clothing. For many of us though, it brings its very own nightmare - frizzy hair.

Summer hair woes

As soon as the temperatures rise, men and women everywhere say goodbye to sleek, stylish locks and begin to think about hairstyles that not only keep us cool, but look clean and healthy at the same time. The good news is that anti humidity spray can be your new hair care must-have, to both look good and feel confident when the elements are against you.

What can anti-humidity spray do?

Typical fixes for frizzy summer hair are hairspray, sleek spray, or even dry shampoo, but these often leave a less-than-attractive sticky residue that doesn’t always solve the problem. The additional moisture in the air actually enters the hair shaft and rearranges the structure of bonds, so you really need a solution that coats the hair to prevent this from happening.

This is exactly what anti humidity spray does - with a hydrophobic layer that is lightweight yet effective. It is long-lasting and can be sprayed directly on the hair or even on top of traditional styling products to keep your hair looking how you want it to with little fuss.

Who suffers from frizz?

You may be surprised to learn that anybody can suffer from frizz and that the effects of humidity can manifest in a host of ways. In general, hair that is overprocessed or color-treated may be more prone, but an array of lengths, thicknesses and even textures can still experience frizz when the air is full of moisture. If you have hair extensions, anti humidity spray can be even more important - as you want to ensure that the blend between your own hair and your additional hair stays natural looking.

In most cases, humidity levels need to reach around 70% for frizz to occur, but if you’re at the pool or beach and considering your hair type and factors like hair damage, you may see the effects in lesser numbers.

Summer hair care tips

Alongside using anti humidity spray, you may want to follow some of our other hair tips to ensure your hair stays put this summer:

  1. Use sunscreen to protect your scalp and minimise the hair damage caused by UV rays
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner under your spray whenever you go to the beach to ensure your hair doesn’t dry out
  3. Don’t over-wash your hair to maintain a healthy amount of natural oils and keep hair shiny and strong
  4. Avoid using heat styling tools, as your hair often experiences invisible damage in the sun, so you could be making matters worse
  5. Try to cover your hair when using swimming pools, as chlorine and other chemicals are not only bad for your hair; negative effects can be boosted by sun exposure
  6. Using anti humidity spray will protect your hair from additional moisture, but you also don’t want to experience dryness. Drinking plenty of water can help to maintain your hair health
  7. Clean your hair tools more regularly. As the sun can cause you to sweat, it can be even more important to keep brushes and tools clean to ensure you aren’t adding even more dirt and debris to your hair