Photo: Allef Vinicius

10 Things Only Style Junkies In School Will Understand

The addiction we're not fighting any time soon.


Being a style junkie isn't only about glam and getting the goods - especially if you're building up a massive student loan simultaneously with trying to maintain a fashionable wardrobe! As with every other addiction it literally ends up being heavy baggage to carry around - and you might even unintentionally project your addiction onto innocent people in your life. 

Luckily, being a style junkie doesn't affect your health and it's perfectly legal (as long as you stay away from shoplifting) so we don't see any reason why to keep you from your addiction. 


Here are 10 points that are outrageously on point about being a young fashion junkie trying to get by:



You're a zombie during the day due to the insomnia figuring out your outfit before falling asleep has caused you.


You’ve considered becoming an Instagram influencer about a 100 times, but your schedule and other priorities are tight.


You'll spend 30 minutes standing still with the same pair of jeans in Urban Outfitters, going through your closet behind closed eyes to figure out if they're worth the buy. 


... is it really a sin to order embroidered fashion logos on random basics from China?


“I’m sorry I can’t tonight. I'm bidding on a rare pair of sneaks on eBay tomorrow morning”


Finding and/ or maintaining a romantic interest is almost impossible since beauty comes from within and emotional depth confuses you.


The painful regret of not having figured out what to wear before a night out. People mistake you for bad tripping in the corner of the club but you're actually traumatised by the quick decisions you had to make before you left your house. 


If your favourite turtleneck is buried in a pile of laundry but you know it's THE ONE, you’ll also know that an hour in the freezer takes the smell away. (No one has to know).


You’re per definition dysfunctional when it comes to weather appropriate outfits. It can be -10 degrees outside with ice on the streets but those platforms are the only shoes that goes with that jacket and the catwalk from your house to school is your daily guilty pleasure.


Your body and soul has become 100% immune to the pain of attending a sneaker outlet. And your moral? Hmmm… moral….. Is moral the thing inside that shoe box someone else has briefly put aside while trying on some other kicks? If that’s it, then yes, you have it. 

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