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Studio Ghibli Release Their New Line Of Hawaiian Shirts

Studio Ghibli Release Their New Line Of Hawaiian Shirts

The collection pays homage to the studio’s iconic films.


Studio Ghibli have introduced their new venture amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has halted everything. With the doors of their iconic museum closed the studio have opted for a new venture, a collection of Hawaiian shirts in the theme of their iconic movies.

The Hawaiian shirts are available in the ‘Kiki’s delivery service’, and ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ theme, and is supplied but the studios accessories and clothing store, GBL. The Totoro theme shirt is in a green and blue colour, with the tiny Susuwatari soot characters and Totoros acorns dotted across it. On the other hand the Kiki’s delivery shirt is emblazoned with various scenes from the movie which fans will instantly recognise featuring Kiki, Tombo, Jiji the cat and the city of Koriko. The studio have also released a collection of four skateboards that features designs from the movies ‘Castle in the sky’, ‘My neighbour Totoro’, and ‘Spirited away’. 

These collections are a fun and innovative way to satisfy fans who have been affected but the pandemic. Not only this the studio have also launched their official, Youtube channel dedicated to uploading videos that shows the museum in all its glory for fans. Till then check out the official studio Ghibli Merchandise here


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