How To Stop Looking At Your Phone All The Time

You'll be amazed as you relax, relax, relax.


We are attached to our iPhones. As in, sometimes we feel as though it will be stuck to our palms—sealed with hot glue—forever. We’ll be the first to admit it: We are addicted to our devices, but you probably are too. 

If you’ve ever tried to flip your phone over in order to be polite, only to flip it back over the second you swear you saw a tiny flash of table-reflected light, then you too struggle with a severe phone dependence. 

But the presence of your phone isn’t just controlling your life; it’s stressing your life out. Research reveals the hours we spend on our phones screw up our mental health, make us significantly less productive and bring us a lot of unneeded anxiety. 

Fortunately, we have a tried-and-true way to put your phone away.

Here’s our 4 step tech-cleanse:

Step 1: Tell all your friends about your phone diet so they can hold you accountable. If you tell friends you’re not drinking, there’s a zero percent chance they’ll remind you when you pick up a beer, but (surprisingly) if you tell them you’re reducing your screen time, they’ll suddenly transform into the tattletales who remind the teacher she forgot to assign homework. Thank them for this later.

Step 2: Schedule “phone” time while you’re at work or school. THIS SOUNDS CRAZY. We know the idea sounds like you’re a six-year-old, but seriously, it works. When putting your phone away gives you anxiety, having a guaranteed, scheduled reward (phone time) will keep you calm. 

Here’s our favorite method: First, complete a project or assignments without distractions. Then, allow yourself five minutes to check texts, Instagram and Snapchat. 

Step 3: Delete distracting apps. Remove the worst time-funneling offenders during your work/school week. On the weekend (like that six-year-old with iPad privileges again), you can re-download the apps if you truly can't imagine life without them. 

Step 4: The most crucial step. Schedule non-phone activities for yourself. Think: the gym, spa, going to the movies, dinner with friends, reading, watching trash TV and going to bed an hour earlier. 

We know, we know! WHAT IF SOMEONE NEEDS YOU?!

They won’t.

Not really, at least. 

The world will not blow up because you turned your cell off. The group chats will continue. No one will stop inviting you to parties. No one will get mad. And when you don’t check your emails at lunch, you won’t get fired. 

By following this guide you’ll do this really odd thing—relax. 


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