5 Tips and 5 Positions for (More) Comfortable Car Sex

License to Thrive.


Who says you have to speed down the freeway to get a thrill in the driver’s seat? Sometimes the biggest rush comes when you’re parked at 0 miles per hour.  It may not be the most glamorous of get-downs, but the car is a favorite place to pump out pleasure. In fact, a recent study from one of the most romantic countries in the world estimates that 76 percent of French people have had sex in a car. 

Despite the popularity of having sex in cars, there’s no doubt that the act can be awkward and uncomfortable. So whether you want to spice things up out of the bedroom or are hit with an unexpected urge to merge, consider these tips and positions for making car sex more comfortable. 


5 Tips to Prepare for a Smooth Ride


1. License, Registration, and Wipes 

Use the extra space in your glove compartment or center console to store some wet wipes for when the deed is done. It’s a better way to clean-up than spreading splooge all over the interior. You may even want to stow a small vibrator so you can have extra assistance getting off when you need it. 

2. Don’t Sex and Drive 

Distracted driving isn’t just something that applies to texting and makeup application. Skip the danger of road head and always make sure your car is safely parked before parking yourself on your mate. 

3. Reduce the Risk of Rubberneckers

There are a lot of opportunities for peeping toms to get a glimpse of the action in your car. Tinted windows are usually the best way to establish privacy, but you should always try to park somewhere dark and secluded if you can. It may even prevent the cops for slamming you with a fine for indecent exposure in public. 

4. Save the Leather for Whipping 

Leather may work for bondage, but it’s one of the least comfortable materials for rough rubbing in the backseat. If you have leather seats, keep a small blanket in your car to protect against leather-burn. 

5. Hot Air Isn’t Hot 

The enclosed space of your car will heat up real quick when the AC isn’t on and that can lead to the gross kind of sweaty, steamy sex. Crack a window to let some fresh air in and let the hot breath out. 


5 Sex Positions to Crush Car Sex 


1. Passenger Seat Passion 

One way to get in the driver’s seat is to straddle your partner in the passenger seat. Give yourself the most room by lowering the back of the seat and sliding him in while you face him, resting your knees on the seat. Sure, this one is crowded, but the face-to-face action will provide the highest level of intimacy and will allow you to control the speed of the movement. If you’d rather get a little wilder, consider turning things around with a reverse cowgirl position that has you facing the dashboard. 


2. Modified Missionary 

Remember, flat backs are reserved for hatchbacks and truck beds. But if you don’t have the luxury of an extended area, you can still modify your missionary style for easy, breezy backseat bumping. If the ceiling is high enough, consider lying on your back and having your partner pull you up onto him, while his knees rest on the seat. This will create a low-bridge formation that can give everyone secure handling and opportunity for deep thrusting. 


3. Rear Entry Workarounds 

It may seem impossible, but anal isn’t necessarily off-limits in the confines of your car. If you want to give your partner some rear-entry realness, have him sit in the backseat with his legs extended around the passenger seat. Carefully slide on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position, using the back of the passenger seat for support. 

If you need more support, move to the front seat and lower it to give yourself space. Keep your chest pressed against the seat and have him cradle you, with your asses facing the windshield. 


4. Buckle Up in the Back Seat

Forget the seat belt. If you want to steer the sexual situation, strap your partner’s hands to the clothes rack or backseat headrest. With him fully seated and his arms out of the way, you have the opportunity to work his body into yours in a way that works for you. Just keep in mind that without his hands in play, you’ll have to do all the arranging.

If his head is resting toward the car door, try a modified reverse cowgirl where your knees are tucked against his hips and his knees are pulled up toward your chest. If his back is against the seat, you can try squatting on the seat with your feet resting next to his thighs. Then, lean back at an angle so your breasts meet his mouth as you simultaneously work his dick into you.  


5. Pull Up to the Bumper 

Giving a guy head in a car is easy as ordering fast food through a drive-thru. But when you want him to chow down, it can be tough to open wide for spread-eagle satisfaction. If you’re in a secure, private spot and don’t mind getting outdoors, consider sitting on the hood of the car while he gets on his knees and polishes your fender. 

Depending on the car, mastering some of these positions may seem all but impossible—so don’t be afraid to make alterations until you’re both comfortable and able to hold a steady pace. Now, get off to the races!


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