Spending Too Much On Luxury Clothing? Here's What You Can Do

Curb your spending without abandoning your love for couture.


If you’re a self-proclaimed fashion addict and you always need to have the latest pieces of clothing, you might be slightly worried about your spending or others have noticed that you’re spending more than you ought to and have commented on it.

Either way, being able to budget is very important if you love shopping. There are also many ways that you can curb your spending without abandoning your love for couture. Let’s look at a few tips you can use to help reduce your luxury item spending.

Look at Consignment Stores

Luxury consignment stores are great if you’re trying to find great items for less. If you want to save money, you can buy pre-owned designer clothes from Consigned Sealed Delivered. CSD has one of the top selections of luxury brands in the UK that can be found find at a fraction of the price. CSD are one of the most respected luxury consignment shops in the UK and offer affordable luxury brands too.

Chances are you have tons of stuff lying around that could generate instant money for you to pocket. Whether it is cash upfront or receiving a commission on a sale, consigning your items is a great way to manage to spend

Shop Alternate Collections

Another thing you should do is look at alternate collections from designers. Designers will often have many brands under the same umbrella, and they will often have roughly the same quality. Marc Jacobs, for instance, will have other brands under its name in the form of bridge lines, capsule collections, or lower-end brands.

Capsule collections are made of a few select pieces from a designer used to showcase their style. One of the benefits for shoppers is that these will often be because of the small selection, which eventually drives the price down. You will get the same quality as the brand's mainline, however. Bridge lines are when a high-end designer will collaborate with a low-end store. While these will carry the same name in many cards, you still should be wary, as designers will not always have a say on the manufacturing process, so you might not get the quality you desire.

Be Careful with Outlet Stores

Outlet stores are another good place to find cheap items from designers, but you should be aware of a few things first. While you may not know it, some designers will have different items for outlets than they do for their high street stores. This means that you could get a lesser product with the same name and even the same models, but with lesser materials.

Shop Online

Shopping online is one of the best ways to get great deals on luxury clothing. You can buy from consignments like the ones we mentioned earlier, or you could try auction sites. If you decide to buy from an auction site, you should make sure that you not only check the seller's feedback but the item descriptions as well. A lot of sellers will sell random low-priced items before they start selling pricier items. Some do it so they can get a reputation, but others do it intending to scam. So, make sure that they have a history of selling the type of item you're looking for. We would also suggest that you think twice about buying items from a classifieds site unless you have a lot of experience. And if you do, we would suggest that you do everything in a public setting and bring a witness with you.

Join Loyalty Programmes and Clubs

If you go to a store either online or offline and they offer to sign you up for their newsletter or loyalty program, do it immediately. Some will give you cashback on your purchases. Others will notify you in advance in case they have a flash sale or will send special coupon codes available for members only. Others will have sales and events specifically for the people on their list.

Another nice trick that you can use is to go to the website, start the purchasing process, and abandon the cart. High-end stores take abandoned carts very seriously. Many will have an automatic function that will send you some sort of discount if you end up not completing a purchase. These could be significant, so always try to do this first before you buy anything and see what happens.

These are all things anyone can do if they want to reduce the amount of money they spend on luxury clothing and items. Make sure that you look at as many outlets as possible and make wise purchasing decisions.