Sleek And Suede: Kylie Jenner Unveils New Sets For Khy Drop 004

Get the sexy yet sophisticated Kylie look


The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan continues to uphold the businesswoman legacy by announcing her brand Khy‘s new Drop 004.

Staying true to Kylie's fashion, her marketing skills are truly remarkable, as Khy flooded our social media pages with influencers reviewing her products left, right and center. Earlier this month, the brand announced that it would restock a limited number of quantities of its NAMILIA-designed faux leather pieces. Now, after many weeks of teasers, Jenner is set to release her fourth collection for the label on the 28th of February. 

Photo: Khy

Following a week of teasers for her upcoming Drop 004, fans have been able to get a glimpse of some upcoming pieces. The brand calls this drop the “most highly anticipated collection yet” as shown in one of the promotional teasers, Jenner is seen wearing “the suede stretch knotted top and cutout skirt in stone.” 

Photo: Khy

Khy will have many varieties of garments to choose from the Sueded Stretch Twist Mini Dress, its maxi cousin, the Sleek Stretch Tube Top, the Sleek Stretch Cutout Folder Pants and much more. The latest collection focuses on day-to-night transitional dresses and sets. Therefore, with so many choices you can mix and match multiple outfits to be able to fit your aesthetic. In the purest Kylie Jenner style, these looks are tight to the body and enhance each of the curves of the silhouette showing this new launch stays true to her brand. Who knew basics could be so elegant?

So, make sure to get in there quickly and set your calendars so you don't miss out.