6 Things You Must Do Before Your Cruise

Have a seamless and enjoyable vacation.


You know that feeling when you're about to embark on a cruise? You're excited and ready. You've packed everything you'll need (and then some!). You're just waiting for the moment when your ship will dock, and the countdown is on to when you can finally explore your new surroundings. And then, disaster strikes: you forgot your passport, or worse, it gets lost in the shuffle of whatever happened to be stuffed in your suitcase. Maybe even worse than that, it's too late to get one before departure. When this happens, what do you do?

To avoid this situation, here are six cruise tips that every traveler must do before they embark on their cruise so they can have a seamless and enjoyable vacation.

1. Know Your Itinerary

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's important. You don't want to end up somewhere you didn't plan on or miss out on something because of your itinerary. You should also know how long your cruise is. What are the things you're going to be doing? Are there any activities or excursions you'll be participating in that require more time than the typical cruise allows? It may be helpful to list your scheduled activities or excursions in a vacation itinerary or planner to organize your thinking.

2. Pack the Right Clothes and Shoes

It's easy to forget to pack everything you need for a vacation. Search online for a packing checklist for the type of cruise on which you will be embarking. Packing for a Caribbean cruise will look much different than packing for a cruise through Alaska. Packing the right clothes, shoes, and accessories will keep you comfortable during your vacation.

If you're also traveling by plane or train, put some extra clothes in a carry-on bag just in case your luggage gets lost (or stolen!).

3. Leave Space in Your Suitcase

Just because you're going on a cruise doesn't mean you have to pack your entire life into one suitcase. In fact, packing more than necessary can be disastrous if you forget something important and end up having to buy it at the port.

Make sure to leave room in your suitcase for whatever else may come up-- like souvenirs and gifts. Leave space when you are packing so that you don't feel like anything is getting squished or that your bag will be too heavy to navigate through the narrow hallways of the cruise ship.

4. Consider a Travel Insurance Plan

Having a travel insurance plan in place can prevent your trip from falling apart. Your travel insurance company may cover:

Medical costs in foreign countries associated with injury and illness

Costs from unexpected cancellations

Lost or stolen luggage

Travel insurance can ensure that you can still enjoy your time at sea without worrying about possible risks and financial losses.

5. Always Keep a Backup Phone Charger on You

Some of the most powerful moments on a cruise happen when you're out and about, enjoying the sights of beautiful ports. While these moments are unforgettable, they can also leave your phone battery drained. Keeping your phone charged is crucial to enjoying the next day of your vacation.

In addition to having a backup charger on you, make sure it's fully charged before you embark on your cruise so that you don't run into any unexpected trouble!

6. Remember Your Passport!

This is the most important thing you need to do. The cruise line will not allow you to embark on your trip without a valid passport. If you are traveling from the United States, make sure to bring your passport in its original form. If you're traveling from overseas, make sure to bring it in a machine-readable form (MRP) if possible, or a copy with an apostille.

Before embarking on your next cruise, take some time to make sure you're prepared for the journey ahead to have the best trip possible.