6 Simple Rules to Make Your Second Marriage Stronger Than First One

Build a harmonious relationship.


Sometimes, entering into a new relationship after a divorce, people worry that they will do something wrong and be disappointed again – they subconsciously play all sorts of negative scenarios in the hope that such behavior will help them to prepare for difficulties and protect them from failure. In practice, such thoughts only poison your "here and now." To build a harmonious relationship, it is important to shift the focus of attention from negative to positive – while you are afraid to repeat mistakes, you close yourself off from everything new and pleasant. What's more, the following 7 rules will help you to make your second marriage successful.


1. Draw conclusions

What did you lack in the first marriage? Think about it and be as specific as possible. Perhaps you would like to have more common interests or, on the contrary, more time just for yourself. After that, discuss this with your chosen one – dialogue is what will help you to find the connection and strengthen relationships.

2. Ask questions

For example, ask your partner how they see your family life. Many people do not even think about it and rarely discuss this issue in a couple, but often, certain images of behavior patterns already live in their subconscious – they can be based on the relationships between their parents, friends, or relatives. So, do not be afraid to ask questions, even if you are communicating in single girls chat – thus, you can understand how your partner sees your future together, and whether it is right for you.


3. Share your needs and desires

Tell your loved one what you like. All people are different. For one woman, love is flowers bought with the last money, and for other – romantic strolls under the moonlight. One will be glad if a man wakes her up early to have breakfast together, while the other will appreciate that her husband gave her an extra hour to sleep. Who are you? Tell your partner about it openly.

4. Talk about what you don't like

Each person has an unloved household duty. If we talk about living together, it is important to distribute responsibilities so that both partners feel happy with the balance of power – for example, the wife can take over the cooking, purchasing food, and keeping accounts, while the husband does the cleaning, repairs, and irons clothes. Of course, this example is abstract, but its essence lies in the fact that partners should learn to discuss important issues and find compromises.


5. Synchronize your goals

What are you aiming for? What will happen in a year, two, or five? Do you dream of a country house with a garden and your beloved – of a new car? You are a family now, and let the global goals be common. Thus, it is not only easier to get what you want but also more entertaining. Of course, each of you may have your own dreams and goals, but these desires should not run counter to the overall strategy of your couple.

6. Do not compare

A new life begins with new thoughts and rules. Perhaps it seems to you that your chosen one looks like a former partner, or, on the contrary, you think that your loved one is the complete opposite of the ex. Whatever form this thought takes, drive it away. Now, there is a totally different person next to you, and you should not compare your romantic relationship with what was in your life before. Don't look back, it's better to focus on the here and now.


Make room for a miracle. Sometimes, it is helpful to clear your mind of doubts, enjoy what is happening, and sincerely believe in the success of your relationship!