These Socks Are The One Styling Trick You Need This Season


Rumor has it that Joe Cocker wrote “You Are So Beautiful” about a pair of particularly excellent socks. To quote the singer your grandparents probably like to crank up while they drive their Cadillac, “You’re everything I hope for. You’re everything I need. You are so beautiful to me.” 

On a serious note, a truly great pair of socks will elevate an outfit so much the whole ensemble will take your breath away. Falling in love is scary because it means being vulnerable; being vulnerable is exactly what wearing exposed-on-purpose socks with sandals feels like. But we’ve found a pair of socks that can be the secret hero of your wardrobe and make you want to show the world what’s keeping your toes warm and cozy. Trust us. 

Germany-based designer Simone Wild creates velvet socks that will, well, knock your socks off. The designer's socks are handmade to ensure they're of the highest quality for your little piggies. Best of all, the color range offered is absolutely stunning. Available in everything from bubble gum pink to a rich navy blue, Wild’s socks look just as luxurious as the velvet material feels. 

These socks will look incredible paired with heels, your favorite sneaks or just chilling on your couch. No matter where you wear this product, your feet will be full of spark and ready to dance the night away in celebration. Together with these socks, you might just take the world’s breath away. Shop the complete range here, and check out the brand's Instagram for some sock inspiration.

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