Shyvonne’s “Waves” Captures Resistance, Resilience And Rapture

Ride the waves of 2020 with this defiant visual album.

Shyvonne’s captivating 14 track visual album “Waves” carries you rhythmically through the monumental tides that ripped through 2020.  Shot, directed and edited by Shyvonne herself, “Waves” is an incredibly intimate perspective on how Covid and the Black Lives Matter movement has transformed New York this summer. 

Shyvonne uses imagery of the sea, which morphs from calm waters to epic waves, to reflect the importance of balance between going with the flow and strong resistance.  ‘This project is a reminder to be as soft and as hard as water.  To swim, and not just stay afloat when life is coming at you, to surrender to the waves and let go of control.’ - Shyvonne speaking to ESSENCE 
“Waves” captures the struggle to find peace in a time of intense turmoil. Feelings of division and anger are intertwined with moments of connection and joy. 

‘The visual is an intimate look at the waters that have continued to save me and the Black joy shining in the darkness during a very complicated NYC summer.’ - Shyvonne speaking to ESSENCE 
“Waves” focuses on the resilience of black joy as well as the oppression against it. Dance and community spirit are a constant source of hope throughout the visual album. Shyvonne’s message is defiant, her light will not be dimmed, her hope will not be stolen and her purpose will not be squashed. In her words ‘sometimes things have to burn to shed light on the ashes.’