Should You Be Eating Simpler?

The fundamentals of being healthier.


The biggest issue most people have when it comes to their diet is that there is too much choice. When we think about the fundamentals of being healthier, there seems to be a lot of information around. But because of the glut of advice, telling every single one of us about the one right way to eat, the reality may be something far simpler. In fact, simplicity itself. Should we be eating simpler?

Were Our Guts Designed for All of the Food in the Modern World?

When we look at what causes heartburn the list goes on and on. But the fact is that if we experience indigestion, or we have something wrong with our stomach, we've got medicines to fix it, but this isn't getting to the root of the problem. We have got to think that our stomachs were not necessarily designed to cope with all of the processed food we throw at it.

Also, when we factor into the equation issues like lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, and a whole heap of intolerances, we've got to think that, on some basic level, our stomachs were not designed to cope with all of these things. But it's not as simple as that. Food is just too tasty. And we continue to eat these things despite feeling heartburn or bloatedness, and not get to the root of the problem.

Is Every “Bad Food” Actually Bad for Us?

Part of the problem stems from the fact there's too much information online, coupled with the fact that there are many people who have given anecdotal evidence about a certain lifestyle choice. There are a lot more vegans on the planet than ever before but the reality is that a vegan diet doesn't suit everyone. If you are to eat a vegan diet, you have to make sure you have the right nutrients your body needs. In order to do this effectively, you may need to go to the doctor, or even get a DNA test to understand your biological heritage. But also, the amount of misinformation can throw anybody off course.

Case in point: the idea of fat being bad for us. If you have a look at this online lecture, this goes into great detail as to the reasons fat is an important fuel for our bodies. But the misinformation over the years has made us believe that fact is evil. This is why we need to listen to our bodies more than anything else. We can think back to 100 years ago, where people lived on, by today's standards, an unhealthy, high-fat diet. This is why it's so important for us to question the status quo, and think about if bad food is bad for us.

How Can We Cope With Modern Eating?

It's far more difficult for us to stay away from all of these tasty, albeit unhealthy treats in life. But this is where eating simpler might be the key. The modern world comes with an abundance of added sugar, unhealthy fats, salt, and the list goes on. But this could be where simple eating can help. If we think back to 100 years ago, where people were only able to eat foods according to the season and what they had to hand, this could help us to live a simple lifestyle. In fact, many people are going back to this way of living, not just for dietary reasons, but because the modern world has become so complex. We may benefit by going back to a simpler way of life. And with the abundance of choice means that we've got to have more discipline. But this is where the modern will can prove beneficial.

These days, there's a lot more information on the benefits of fasting. Fasting is not something that is considered bad anymore, and in fact, the Nobel Prize was won a few years ago for the discovery of autophagy which can be achieved by fasting. Therefore, we can start fasting as a way to benefit our health, but also have more control over our lives. When it comes to diet, if we eat a lot of sugar, this makes us crave more. And fasting can be one of the best ways to reset the clock. But also, when we start to reset our eating patterns and do a 16:8 fast, then we end up eating only once or twice a day, meaning that we focus more on the quality of food we put into our bodies. 

Simple eating should be complex, but if you want to take control over your health, this should be your Modus Operandi.