Sex Toy Trends For 2022

The only trends you should care about.


2022 is right around the corner and while many of us want to stay in line with the newest fashion, makeup and hair trends, we recommend you take a look at something different but equally important. We pay a lot of attention to our appearance, but nobody tells us that we should primarily take care of our sexual satisfaction and liberation. Let’s turn the good old ‘new year, new me’ into ‘new year, climaxing me.’ Who would have thought that 2022 could peak right at its start? Here are our ideas of the hottest sex toy trends for the upcoming year. Which one sounds the most appealing to you?

1. Size matters.

In 2022, let’s ditch ditch dick-shaming once and for all. Instead, you should focus on your own self and pick the size that is just perfect for you. Ever dreamed of a big dick inside you? Or quite the opposite, you’re not a fan of XXL size? Finally, you don’t have to compromise. Sex toys range from small and compact slip vibrators to XXL size heads if you want to go big (literally). The choice is all yours and you’re the queen. Not sure what’s right for you? Nothing to worry, you can try all of them out and figure out what your favorite sex toy is. You’ve got the whole year!

2. Let’s make anal great again.

The mysterious legend of anal sex. So many of us dream of it yet we are scared to try it. Especially for women, it’s a very delicate matter because nobody really teaches us how to prepare for the anal intercourse. Thankfully, there are plenty of sex toys out there which will allow you to check whether this is something you would be into, without stepping out of your comfort zone. Many vibrators are specifically designed for anal shower. Once you get into it, you can even treat yourself to an anal toy set (yes, they exist) because anal orgasms are fabulous. Remember, you heard it here first.


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3. Aesthetics is the key.

It’s true, some sex toys can be really boring and ugly but in 2022, we pay attention to aesthetics. The list of colors, shapes and sizes is endless, so you should pick a vibrator that’s not only efficient but also, aesthetically pleasing for you. And it’s personal, of course, so go with your own taste. Are you a fan of realism? There’s plenty of almost terrifyingly realistic options for you out there. But if you’re more into abstractionism, you’ll definitely appreciate little details such as the extra bunny ears on the way to orgasm.

4. The more, the merrier.

In 2022, treat yourself to a multidimensional experience and choose sex toys which can give you a range of different choices. Bonus points for vibrators offering multiple speeds, intensity levels, vibration modes and patterns. Some of them are even waterproof, so you can have some me time under shower or in a bathtub. It doesn’t get any better than this. One small machine, endless possibilities.


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5. Be selfish.

Yes, this is all about you, this is your time, and it shouldn’t be embarrassing cause self-love is in. There must be different kinds of appointments in your 20222 diary, meetings with friends, gym, yoga, hairdresser, so why don’t you schedule some time for masturbation? Follow the Internet hole in search for your favorite porn, find the best position and place. And believe us, some sex toys will give you the best lesson how to become selfish because they will stimulate you both vaginally and clitorally. Why pick one if you can have two?