Sex and The City Reboot Won't Feature Iconic Characters

AND JUST LIKE THAT… Samantha and Mr Big are no more.


Shortly after the announcement of Sex and the City’s grand return earlier this month, it’s now been confirmed that Mr Big (Chris North) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) won’t be returning in the “new chapter”. 

The sofa has become our best friend this Winter lockdown, and with Carrie Bradshaw on our screens, we’ve all been dreaming of a girls trip to New York post-Pandemic. Let’s be honest, Sex and the City will always be a fan favorite. From the dramatic relationship dilemmas to the humorous nights out, we either love the film or want to be in it (probably both). 

It’s safe to say the whole world and their dog were ecstatic about the news of a reboot, but are we now feeling slightly deflated about the recent news? The answer is yes. The pair will both be sitting out from the new 10-episode-long series which will follow the “complicated reality of life and friendship” of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte in their 50s. While it’s unclear on why they won’t be part of the revival, fans haven’t been happy with the news. One disappointed on social media questions “What’s the point of going back then?”.

Scheduled to start production in late Spring, we can’t wait to learn more about the limited series. While Samantha can’t be replaced, we’re sure Sex and the City will be as enthralling as ever. Make sure to pencil in a binge-watching weekend for the near future!


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