7 Ideas for On-Budget Winter Vacation in Europe for Students

Free yourself for holidays.


The winter holidays are arguably the best time to spend in Europe. Unlike the New Year, Christmas here is celebrated on a grand scale. So, coming here on vacation, you will immerse yourself in the magic of old cities and breathtaking architecture which is so beautifully decorated!

In Europe, snow covers the rooftops, you can hear gospels from everywhere, and the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread is in the air. The hustle and bustle of the best holiday markets will certainly give you an unforgettable experience, but first, you need to make sure no college assignments will bother you at this time.

And the easiest way to free yourself for holidays is to outsource your paper to the best college essay writing service like Essaypro and fully forget about stress and tension. And once all business is settled, it’s time to plan your trip. In this article, we have collected 7 destinations that reassemble a fairy tale, and even more, all of them offer reasonable prices.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Nothing beats Prague’s charm when it comes to places with a holiday atmosphere. The capital of the Czech Republic welcomes tourists with hospitality and available prices, which are lower than in most European countries.

The city sparkles with thousands of lights and local attractions will make you feel like you’re in a medieval movie. And here's a to-do list for you:

  • Stroll around the Prague Castle which is a presidential residence;
  • Go inside St. Vitus Cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture;
  • Walk along the Charles Bridge;
  • See the city from the fortress wall, as the panorama leaves no one indifferent.

Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg (Germany)


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A trip to Germany is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. All local houses are luxuriously decorated, and restaurants open their doors to everyone. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste classic German treats: caramel apples, gingerbread hearts, as well as punch, mulled wine and traditional sausages. 

As for Munich, here’s what you should see:

  • Churches and temples (the oldest of them are Peterskirche, Frauenkirche and Azamkirche);
  • The palace called Munich Residence, here all the Bavarian kings lived;
  • The Kulmbach Brewery Museum.

Also, to save money on sightseeing, you should definitely buy the Munich CityTourCard.

Strasbourg, Colmar (France)

Traditionally, the majority of tourists choose Paris for their winter break. But we’ve come up with an alternative which is Alsace. Why? The most iconic French Christmas markets are located here. In addition, Strasbourg is only a two-hour train ride away from Paris.

Interestingly, Strasbourg is called the capital of Christmas. You will definitely be impressed with the scale of its fair: there are about 12 locations with three hundred houses. At the Cathedral you can buy a variety of delights: duck and goose foie gras, tart flambé (France's kind of pizza), fried chestnuts, gingerbread cookies as well as hazelnut biscuits.

As for Colmar, it’s a small city not far from Strasbourg. Here you’ll see five local Christmas markets, scattered throughout the historic city center. Each market is basically a village in miniature. What’s unique about this town is that visitors are offered products from talented local craftsmen. In Colmar, it’s almost impossible to resist the desire to buy some souvenirs, and chocolate apples will surely win over you.

Vienna (Austria)

From mid-November till Christmas, Vienna's main squares turn into a charming market. The aroma of festive pastries and punch are hard to ignore. Be sure to visit the traditional Christkindlmarkt, which is located in Town Hall Square.

So, what to do here? Try the local delicacies and warm drinks (including local gingerbread and mulled wine), as well as take a carousel ride and attend a couple of Christmas workshops. 

What are the main Vienna attractions?

  • Belvedere Palace and the adjacent park;
  • Schonbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty;
  • Sisi’s museum;
  • Albertina museum;
  • Hofburg, the residence of Austrian rulers since the 13th century.

And don't forget to stop by the cozy coffee shop and taste Austrian strudel!

Transylvania (Romania)

If you go to Romania in winter, most likely you won't visit Dracula's lair in the sunlight. However, you will appreciate the gloomy atmosphere as you gaze at the gray sky, leafless trees and a thin layer of snow all around. Brașov and Sighișoara are two mysterious medieval towns, separated by a two-hour train ride. They have a lot to do with Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula. So, if you want to feel goosebumps (at least, a little), then choose something less typical and go to Transylvania.

Budapest (Hungary)

Ice skating in a marvelous park and soaking in thermal baths - it's all about Budapest. Here, the Christmas market is located in the square in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Festive illumination, fairytale houses, products from many craftsmen (including unique handicrafts, textiles and leather goods) make Budapest worth your visit.

Of course, your gastronomic impressions will be amazing, too. A variety of Hungarian food is great: fresh pastries, fried sausages, sweets, fruit marshmallows and much more... Be sure to try the traditional Hungarian pie called kurtoskalacs, it’s a dough topped with sugar and cinnamon.

Istanbul (Turkey)


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Another less typical winter holiday option is Istanbul. Many tourists go here because of the high quality service and affordable prices. Of course, New Year is more of a holiday for tourists here, so hotels, clubs and restaurants offer numerous enjoyable events.

You can spend New Year's Eve on Galata Bridge, or on Istiklal Street in one of its hotels or clubs. Another great experience is partying on a ship, on the shores of the Bosphorus. Plus, in Istanbul, winters are really warm: the temperature reaches 14 degrees Celsius.

Summing Up

New Year is a truly fabulous time! If you are a dreamy romantic, we highly recommend you spend holidays in Europe, famous for its atmosphere of antiquity and magic.

As for the weather, winters in Europe are different: sometimes snowy and cold, or on the contrary, quite warm. No doubt, this is the best time to visit famous capitals as well as smaller cities.

And if you're not a fan of traditional fairs, head to Transylvania, or Istanbul which is located at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. Of course, the main guarantee of any trip is good preparation, and we hope our guide will inspire you to explore the countries from the list in more detail.