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Selena Gomez Eats Glass And Loses Her Shit On Kitchen Floor In New “Fetish” Vid

Don't try this at home kids.


Selena Gomez's long-anticipated Petra Collins-directed new music video for “Fetish” just dropped and honestly, we're a bit weirded out. If, like us, you were expecting some badass Zana Bayne-esque leather and at least one ball gag, think again.

In a horror film-inspired aesthetic, Selena is a good girl gone bad, but rather than losing herself on the dance floor in some sexed-up attire, she loses her shit on the kitchen floor instead. The video starts in sunny suburbia with Selena in a pretty yellow dress, then cuts to a dated interior where, after throwing her shopping bags against the wall, she starts eating glass, tying and clamping her tongue in eyelash curlers, eating soap and generally making a big ol' mess. Gucci Mane, who seems to be safely separate from the madness, is disappointingly clean in comparison. 

Watch the crazy video above – if you dare.