Scotland Is The First Country To Make Period Products Free For Everyone

Scotland has become an example for other countries to follow.


On August 15th, Scotland’s new Period Products Act went into effect, which allowed “councils and education providers to offer period products free of charge for anyone that needs them.” This legislative decision marks a milestone worldwide as millions, if not billions, of women have to pay inflated prices to access necessary period products.

The journey to making period products accessible began in 2016 when Scottish parliament member, Monica Lennon, began drafting a proposal to make these products accessible for all. Headway was made in 2018 when Scotland chose to issue period products for free in public schools, colleges, and universities. 

Shona Robson, Scotland’s Social Justice Secretary, released a statement earlier this week explaining Scotland’s mission to become an example for other countries. New Zealand and Kenya are also on their way to de-stigmatizing period products. Both countries issue free period products in public schools.  

In addition to providing these necessary products, Scotland is offering educational opportunities for young women and girls. According to Robson, the country has “provided funding for an educational website for employers, run a successful anti-stigma campaign, and improved menstrual health resources available for schools.” Additionally, the Scottish government has partnered with HeyGirls, to launch PickupMyPeriod, an app that people can use to access their free period products. 

Hopefully, Scotland’s landmark decision will positively influence other countries to provide necessary period products for all.