Sarah Everard Murder – UK Police Officer Sentenced To Life In Prison

Wayne Couzens has received a life-sentence for his brutal killing of the young woman.


Back in March, 33-year-old Sarah Everard was kidnapped by Met Police Officer, Wayne Couzens, as she walked home from a friend’s house in South London. Couzens abducted Everard under the guise of arrest, before proceeding to rape and strangle her with his police belt later that night. 

The heinous case has sparked national outrage against the epidemic of violence inflicted among women. 

Lord Justice Adrian Fulford delivered the sentence on Thursday, convicting Couzens to a whole-life prison term – something which is a rarity in the UK, and only used in exceptional circumstances, for horrific crimes. This means that the defendant will never be considered for parole – while this secures justice for Everard’s family, it will never be enough to make up for the needless life lost.  

The Judge informed Couzens: “Notwithstanding your guilty pleas…I have seen no evidence of genuine contrition on your part, as opposed to evident self-pity and attempts by you to avoid or minimize the proper consequences of what you have done”. The fact that Couzens had completely misused his role as a police officer makes the gravitas of his crime even more extreme. 

The Judge likened the atrocity of Everard’s murder to the same “seriousness” of a crime committed with the purpose of terrorism. In abusing his position of trust to fulfil his own perverse desires, Couzens has left Everard’s family “sickened”. The victim’s parents have spoken out, exclaiming that although they are pleased with the full-life sentence, “nothing can make things better” or bring their daughter back. 

The actions that Mr Justice Fulford has referred to as “warped, selfish, and brutal” have only gone on to be repeated six months later, with the tragic murder of another young woman – Sabina Nessa. The elementary school teacher was killed in a local park on the 17th of September, on her way to meet a friend. 

According to data from the Femicide Census (an organization that tracks violence against females) one woman is killed at the hands of a man every three days in the UK. 

With ongoing pressure being put on the government to tackle this prevalent issue - we can only hope that substantial steps are taken to aid the safety of young women on our streets. 


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