SAPPHIRE Is Driving Home For Christmas And We Are Tagging Along

We talk Christmas EP, motivations And upcoming projects.


Born in 2003, SAPPHIRE, almost immediately became a huge voice for Gen Z. From her vocal abilities to her legit composing skills, the rising singer/songwriter has gradually racked up a global fan base. SAPPHIRE has awed music audiences with her hit single 'Painkiller' and has seen success with her vocal exhibition and top-line verses on the single 'Unity' with DJ and producer Alan Walker. ‘Unity’ has become an online sensation, gaining 42 million streams across all streaming platforms. SAPPHIRE gained notoriety for vigorous live performances and has sung to enormous crowds all around the globe including London's Wembley Arena, New York City's The Bitter End and Cologne's Lanxess Arena. 

The charming 17-year-old continues to impress, as she preps us for the most unusual Christmas ever. The four-track ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ EP transports audiences to the core of the merry period, with SAPPHIRE as the soundtrack to a blissful Christmas. The chief features from the EP are the astounding vocals and musical variations by SAPH. This is particularly shown in her versions of 'O Holy Night' and 'Where Are You Christmas'. On 'Driving Home For Christmas' and 'Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas', SAPPHIRE inhales new life into immortal works of art.

Thank you for chatting with me today, Sapphire! Let’s do this. Christmas festivities are packed with iconic song-repertoires. Out of all the songs out there, what made you choose these four timeless hits for this particular EP?

Hiya! All of these songs hold a really special place in my heart, and they bring back so many memories. From driving to Scotland to see my close friends, to watching The Grinch & It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie with my family, hehe! I also picked these tracks as all the lyrics are very hopeful, and I think that’s just what we need right now; hope.

The official video for 'Driving Home for Christmas' perfectly captured the true essence of Christmas. What was it like working alongside director Ricky Allen?

I adore Ricky, he’s honestly the best! Working with him on this project was an absolute dream. He really perfectly captured the concept of ‘even though our cars won’t be moving this year, our memories will be’... I’m still trying to convince him to watch Harry Potter though, haha!

What is your favourite Christmas memory, and why is it so dear to you?

I’ve made so many amazing memories over the years, and I hold all of them so close to my heart. So hard to pick just one!! White Christmasses are pretty special though, my sister and I once went skiing on our front drive, haha!

Given the situation the world is in at the moment, what are your plans for Christmas 2020? 

I feel so lucky to say that I get to see my grandparents over Christmas this year. I’m so excited to get to spend time with them, my parents and my sister. I’m just hoping my Grandad brings his guitar so we can play some music together.

Moving away from Christmas, we want to know what it’s like to be SAPPHIRE every day of the year… As an artist, what is your definition of success? 

Oh my that’s such a hard question! Well on a daily basis, I’m always making music. I’m either writing songs, or playing guitar, playing piano, recording vocals for a track, or talking to my fans. But I’ve never really thought about my definition of success. In all honestly, I believe that success is when you’re 100% happy in your skin, it’s so important. Always remember that money can’t buy love!!

Who did you grow up listening to and what were your initial musical motivations?

I grew up listening to such a mix of music. My mum teaches aerobics classes, so I was always listening to Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and all the classic 90s club music with her in the car. And my dad introduced me to bands like The Jam, Simple Minds, and 90s hip hop. My main influences are from artists like Édith Piaf & Billie Holiday, to Lennon Stella & Sabrina Carpenter.

How much has life changed since the drop of your hit singles “Unity” and “Painkiller”? 

It’s been incredible! Releasing original material is always so nerve racking, but also the most exciting thing! Just feel so grateful for all the support!

How would you describe yourself to people/fans who are yet to discover you?

Honest, always laughing, an over-thinker, lover of coffee & Harry Potter. My sound is, or at least what I’d love to say: a ‘vibey’, honest twist on pop.

What are your plans for the upcoming months and 2021?

Release new music! I’ve written so much this year, and I’m so excited to finally release it all! Just taking everyday as it comes!

Thank you for chatting with us! How can the general public check you out and stay updated on new releases? 

I’m on all social media platforms (Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube) and will definitely be posting about all new releases on them! Thank you so much for chatting with me! Much love!

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