Salad In A Jar 101: The Secret To Packing The Perfect, Healthy Lunch

Your lunch DIY, on the cheap.


There is literally nothing more depressing than facing your monthly credit-card bill and realizing you’ve dropped a handbag’s worth of cash on lunch. Lunch! That thing you stuff in your face between checking work emails and scrolling through meme accounts on Instagram. Around noon, most of us result to impulse ordering and end up with greasy comfort food or a chopped salad that costs $20. Work lunch is an absolute disaster, but the good news is there is this miraculous solution: your fridge. 

Packing your own lunch is nice in theory, but it always feels like such a chore. What should you bring? Will still taste good after marinating in the office fridge all day? And when are you actually going to find the time to cook and pack this food? Luckily, we have all the answers. You (and the new purse you’ll be able to afford with all the money you’ve saved) can thank us later. 

The one fix we’ve found that really, truly works is lunch in a jar. Not only can you fully prep these meals days in advance, but they are also the perfect self-contained meal. If you’re in a lunchtime rut, you will definitely find your solution in “Salad In A Jar” by Anna Helm Baxter.

Recently, this book has been our go-to when looking for some on-the-go meal inspo. With a collection of more than 60 recipes for easy-to-prep salads, dressing, breakfasts and snacks, Baxter reveals the secrets to layering ingredients to maximize freshness and texture for a meal that definitely won’t be another sad desk lunch. 

Buy the book for $9,99 here, and give packing your own lunch a shot for a month. If your body and bank account aren’t feeling better, then we’ll buy you that handbag.