Rosie Shares New Single & Video for "Startover"

No filters, no Facetune, no VSCO, no makeup, no bullshit.


New York-based singer and songwriter ROSIE reveals her new single, “Startover,” and the accompanying music video, out now on Arista Records. “Startover” is the first single from ROSIE’s upcoming sophomore EP, due out this Spring.

Veering away from the more melancholic themes and sounds of her first EP, ‘20mg of Happiness,’ “Startover” sees ROSIE heading in a more uptempo, uplifting direction, both sonically and lyrically. The song builds with a delicate piano melody and ROSIE’s emotive vocals before exploding into an irresistibly catchy yet heartfelt chorus: “So can we start over / Maybe letting go is how we get closer / And if ending us is how we get closure / Let’s say goodbye and then we’ll start over / Can we start over.”


“‘Startover’ is about my relationship with myself and my mental health,” ROSIE says. “When writing it, I was in a period of my life where I felt like I was in a constant fight with myself. This song is me realizing that I needed to let go of certain parts of who I was that were no longer serving me and start rebuilding myself from the ground up. I hope this song finds anyone else who’s experiencing these feelings and I hope that they’re able to see that they are not alone in what they’re going through.”

What you see is what you get with ROSIE— no filters, no Facetune, no VSCO, no makeup, no bullshit. She gained an impressive online following over the course of the pandemic with her introspective songwriting and refreshing approach to discussing mental health.

Her debut EP, ‘20mg of Happiness,’ was released in October 2021 on Arista Records. She followed the EP with singles like “Good For Me” and “Something I Hate.” Backed by tastemakers like Ones To Watch and INSIDER, as well as millions of eager fans, ROSIE spent last year touring across the US with Chelsea Cutler and Jake Scott. Keep an eye out for future tour dates to be announced soon.