Eco-friendly Streetwear Brands That Changed The Game

Exploring the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and cryptocurrency.


Fashion trends come and go fast thanks to the microtrend cycle, so it is hard to keep updated. However, robust and practical fashion trends usually last around 20 years and tend to return after a few years. The issue is that microtrends dominate the fashion market for people from working-class backgrounds who don’t have the disposable income to spend on higher-quality, trendy designer pieces.

While disposable income can vary for several reasons, at the moment with inflation high across many countries, goods, like clothes, become more expensive. Therefore, more people are concerned with the price of their clothes rather than the quality or ethical considerations of how they were made.

Even if they have the internet to see if a brand or a service provider is ethical, price remains a big concern. The internet is a tool that has become imperative for providing information on trends and goods providers, so there is no doubt most conscious consumers know what they are purchasing when they use fast-fashion websites and brands for quick access to trends. 

As fashion trends come and go, so do internet trends. Virtual internet fashion has become increasingly popular in the last few years, but so has crypto fashion. This is the trend of purchasing and selling clothing for online avatars (NFTs) that are purchased through popular cryptocurrencies in online marketplaces.

 This movement is most appealing to sustainable consumers, as of course purchasing virtual fashions for a virtual character guarantees sustainability and allows consumers to express themselves in trendy styles without having an impact on the planet. Although crypto fashion is somewhat of a niche, as traditionally crypto users are using their currencies for traditional means rather than to level up their avatar’s wardrobe! 

Traditionally, cryptocurrency is mostly used online for economic reasons and in places like casino platforms. Fashion crypto enthusiasts may even engage in these online spaces to win cryptocurrency rewards to use for their fashion avatar purchases. However, these are primarily used by gaming enthusiasts who tend to appreciate the different styles of gameplay and tournaments that are offered by crypto platforms. For example, Ignition poker tournaments include the use of Bitcoin which may differ depending on the platform the consumer uses.

While finding the right fit in anything is hard, it is difficult in fashion, even if you have disposable income. Clothes cannot always be fashionable and ethical because they’re usually expensive if so. There is no guarantee through thrifting or charity shop purchases that your clothes are ethical. Whereas if you shop with confirmed sustainable fashion brands, you can ensure your garments are durable.

Streetwear is your best friend for well-made stylish, Instagrammable outfits. Need help finding them? Don’t worry, Fizzy Mag has your back. Here are some of our favorite sustainable streetwear brands.

Champion X HoMie x Smiley’s Kindless Collab

This technically is not one brand, but a collaboration still counts! We briefly covered the collaboration between the two brands in an interview a few months ago, but it is worth hyping up the May 2023 collection, which adds Smiley to the mix. 

The collection is an athleisure collection called ‘Start with a Smile’. It aims to encourage unity between people of all gender identities and backgrounds. The clothes feature the signature ‘smiley’ logo in the photos that Smiley is known for.

The line is very much a label merge with each brand logo and signature elements being visible. While it isn’t known if the clothes are 100% sustainable, you can trust that any collaboration between Champion and HoMie certainly has that aim in mind!


WAWWA is a UK-based sustainable clothing brand that manufactures in Manchester, England. The clothes offered by the brand are casual, with an emphasis on durability and the aim of creating long-lasting, wearable clothes. They are organically-made, and feature lettered branding, and the brand has funky tie-dye print t-shirts. 

Their latest lines consist of neutral-colored pieces with blacks, whites, and camo greens.  

It is perfect for elevating an everyday look whether you like the cargo style or a more neutral, polished look, WAWWA is a must-try.

Nudie Jeans

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie Jeans produces jeans made from upcycled denim and organic cotton, as well as other eco-clothing items. Nudie’s more recent jean styles are very 70s-esque and in 2022, the brand repaired 65,386 jeans as a part of their free repair policy!


Womwsh is an Italian vegan sneaker brand that began in 2014 and was founded by Gianni. The name, Wowmsh stands for ‘word of mouth shoes’. The brand aims to encourage sustainability by using ethical materials, the Italian way of manufacturing with ethical practices.

They are best known for their leather sneakers with a ‘W’ stitched into the side of the shoe. The shoes come in low and high-top styles, and they even have a dedicated section for ‘Fall/Winter 2023!


Noah is a cool, classic brand that focuses on the luxury menswear look using quality cotton, linen, and recycled wool for classy autumn and winter fits. It’s no surprise the brand was born and bred in Soho, New York City, considering the coldness of NYC. 

 Its founders are Brendon Babenzien and Estelle Bailey-Babenzien. The cultural inspirations behind the brand are the surf, skate, and musical movements combining these with traditional menswear.

Noah has been donating 1 percent of their sales to non-profits that focus on aiding in areas of human disaster and environmental issues since 2019 In their 2023 Fall and Winter Campaign, the signature wool garments can be featured in the form of trenchcoats, cozy sweaters, and form-fitting knitted cardigans, with a mixture of smart fitted three-quarter length pants and shiny loafers.

If you want to spend a bit extra for some traditional meets modern garments guaranteed to survive a harsh winter season, purchasing a jumper or a coat from Noah might be a good start to designing your sustainable staple streetwear wardrobe.