RIKA Talks To Us About Her Music And Style Influences

Discussing her new single ‘Doses’ and the message behind her music.


RIKA is a British, 19-year-old Rising Star of Indian, Hungarian, and Serbian descent. Her music journey began with the release of her single ‘For Peace’ gaining over 1 million views on YouTube. She went on to release a number of hits. With a bright future ahead of her, the beauty won The Rising Star Award at The Asian Awards and was described as the face of ‘Best New Pop’ by BBC Radio 1.

We got the chance to interview her and find out more about the women behind the music, Discussing her background, love for fashion, and how growing up in London influenced her music and style. 


Congratulations on releasing your new single  ‘Doses’, What was your inspiration for the song? 

The song is inspired by a personal event in my life where I realized I wasn’t being treated correctly and ‘said person’ took me in whenever they wanted to (or in ‘doses’). 


What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I always felt I had a strong connection with music. It understood me when no one else did and was an outlet for my thoughts. I can’t imagine my life without music or have a memory where music isn’t a part of it. I started singing when I was 9 years old. When I was in secondary school I started doing the school musicals and gained a love for performing. After studying Music GCSE I then started writing songs when I was 16.  


What message would you like to portray with your music?

With my music, I always want people to feel something and connect with the music. Most of my songs have a message of empowerment and just feeling good. 'Doses' is where I explore a more melancholic and personal vibe and a lot of my music coming out soon is more personal than I’ve ever been before.


Taking the MeToo movement into consideration, what advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in the music industry? 

Let the music do all the talking. Your craft and art are what will resonate the most with people. Pour all your time into yourself, as you are unique! But also be careful if you may feel pressured to do something you are uncomfortable with — just remember you always have the option to say no.


You won The Rising Star Award at The Asian Awards, can you tell us about your background and if it has had an influence in your music process? 

I grew up in a multi-cultural household, where ABBA and the Bee Gees would be playing in one room and Bollywood hits would be playing in the other. My dad is Indian and my mom is a Serbian/Hungarian, but I was born and raised in London. Growing up with all these different cultures made me very open and accepting of new ideas, and I’ve incorporated parts of my heritage into my music and visuals. I’m very proud of my background.


Has growing up in London had an influence on your music and fashion? 

For sure. London is a very creative city. You can be yourself and no one will bat an eye (most of the time). Creativity and diversity are celebrated here. 


If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive who would it be, and why?

I would love to work with either Diplo or MIA. I have so much respect for those artists. They’re so cool and innovative!


In your music videos and Instagram posts it is clear that you have amazing style, what’s your take on fashion? 

I like fashion because, like music, it's very expressive. There’s no right answer with fashion. It introduces you to someone before you’ve even said a word to them. It empowers you. Wearing your favorite outfit can change your mood!


What would be your go-to everyday sneaker?

My go­­-to sneaker if I was allowed to spend an unreasonable amount of money would definitely be the Chanel ones. THEY’RE SO PRETTY! For an everyday sneaker I basically live in my Buffalo Shoes; I love the extra height I get.


Lastly, is there anything our readers should look out for, and is there anything you would like to share with us?

I have my headline show on the 16th of September! I would love to see you there. Also, follow me on my socials @rikaoffical.


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