Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take The Risk And Travel Alone

Just book that flight.


Ah traveling, the chance to experience different cultures, relax, sight see and so much more. Yes, there are so many reasons why traveling is amazing, but we get that it can be daunting at the best of times, let alone when having to do it by yourself. 

So here it is, our top ten reasons why you should travel alone or in other words our attempt of giving you that final push you need to just take that risk and travel alone. We promise you won’t regret it.

1)    Discover Yourself

Discover yourself whilst discovering the world. It sounds cheesy we know. But just think about it, when you are constantly surrounded by other people do you ever really have the chance to just step back and focus on yourself? Let’s be honest, you don’t. 

You will not be surrounded by constant expectations of family and friends, and you will be removed from responsibilities you may have for others. Can you think of a better scenario to be in? You will be completely free, and completely able to focus on yourself. 

Traveling alone gives you the rare opportunity to take a step back and think about what you really want your future to hold and what is really best for you. 

2)    You get to plan the perfect trip for you

Planning travelling is almost as fun as actually getting to do it. And just think of this, there will be no arguments, no compromises, and no having to worry about whether the food in Vietnam will fit your friend’s vegan diet.

You get to sit back and really let your imagination run wild and get to visit all of the places YOU have always dreamed of visiting. That means no money and time wasted on trips you don’t really want to take along the way. You do what you want when you want.

3)    Make New Friends

The easiest way to meet people is to travel alone. You will be forced to be more outgoing than you normally would, and this will make you much more approachable.

 You could join Facebook group chats and meet people in the area along the way who are in the exact same situation as you, traveling alone. You may even meet new friends in places you don’t expect, this becomes the norm as you will have to rely on other travelers when asking basic questions such as ‘where is the nearest restroom?’ especially in countries where you do not speak the native language. 

These friends are also more likely to last a lifetime, think about it they clearly have the same interests as you, perhaps they will even become closer friends than those waiting for you back at home. 

4)    No Regrets

If you are even reading this article right now it is pretty obvious a part of you is drawn into the idea of solo travel, even if that part of you is subconscious. 

The best way to live the life you daydream about and make Pinterest boards about is to take that risk. Do not spend your life waiting on others schedule to free up when yours is free now if the timing is right for you… do it.

When you’re 90 years old will you really be sat there in your nursing home thinking ‘Man, I regret that year I spent traveling Australia and them two months I spent caring for elephants in Thailand.’

5)    Independence

I think this one goes without saying. As a solo traveller you will be fully responsible for yourself, getting yourself to places, feeding yourself, packing your suitcase so it’s the right weight, everything your parents may have done in the past.

This is the perfect opportunity to gain the experience needed to help you in the future, because realistically you will have to fend for yourself at some point. 

You will gain a new self-confidence that you never thought you could, and it will benefit you in every aspect of your life. 

Not only will this newfound independence and courage help you but trust us, it will be sure to inspire those around you too. 

So just do it, take that risk. 


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