Read This Before Dyeing Your Dark Hair Blonde

Admit it, those “at-home" quarantine videos have been tempting you.


Arguably the only bright side of quarantining is its undeniable potential for self-care. The year 2020 has in fact presented itself to be the most optimal time for hair transformations: If something goes wrong, no one is going to see you anyway. Just cancel those zoom meetings and act like nothing ever happened. Also, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit at home wearing a hair mask 24/7 should most definitely be taken advantage of. Therefore, we have compiled a few points to consider before going from dark to blonde at home or in a salon.

Schedule it in

So, have you been itching to ditch your dark locks for a brighter look, but the inevitable in-between stages of red and bright orange hues have perhaps deterred you? Going from dark hair to blonde hair takes time. Full stop. There’s no debating it. So, we suggest researching what level your hair is at the moment, and then factoring in the unfortunate reality that your hair can usually only be lifted a maximum of 2-3 levels in one sitting, maybe even less depending on the condition of your hair. If you have virgin hair however, this process should go a lot smoother and quicker for you. Still, the first bleaching sessions will bring out all the warm pigments in your hair, most likely leaving you with not-so-flattering shades of orange and yellow. Buy a cool hat maybe?

Prepare the hair

Hopefully you’ve spent the time in quarantine looking just as unkept as we have, and don’t even remember how to use a heat tool anymore or where you keep your hair sprays. Making sure that your hair’s condition is at the best possible starting point when you start this journey is key, because lightening the hair is always going to compromise the integrity of the hair. If you have dyed your hair previously, we also recommend buying a few boxes of artificial hair color remover to get the ball rolling. The color stripping is best done at home, because it is a highly time-consuming process that professional stylists often shy away from, as charging for an excessive amount of service hours isn’t ideal. Nonetheless, it really helps remove a few layers of your hair coloring history with less damage than bleach. Colour B4 and Color Oops have been proven to be super effective when the instructions have been followed with care.

Get your coin

Whether you plan on doing this process at home or in-salon, your scalp won’t be the only thing feeling the burn: So will your wallet. We suggest taking the time to go for a consultation with your stylist beforehand, to get a rough idea of just how much this will cost you. Don’t forget to factor in possible protein or hydration treatments and the must-have take-home treatments you’ll need to maintain the integrity of your hair. It’s also recommended to invest in high quality shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for bleached hair. We recommend the Olaplex range: It’s pricy, but there’s really nothing like it on the market so don’t fall for the dupes. Another highly praised product line for blondes is the Redken Extreme

Do thorough research

If you plan on taking the brush and dye bowl into your own hands, it’s advisable that you do your research well in advance. There are plenty of great tutorials on how to achieve the perfect blonde at home, if you can find them amongst the thousands of at-home bleach fails that is. It goes to show that it is definitely worth it to seek the expertise of a professional when lightening hair, because once the damage is done there’s no going back. Even in the case of going to a professional, it’s still good to have a rough idea of what the process is supposed to look like just so you can spot any red flags; Just like any other craft, hairdressing is very prone to human error. Remember, all lighteners, developers or even professional hairstylists have not been created equally, so it’s worth taking the time to research your options. 


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